Tuesday, August 30, 2005

I haven't been feeling very well for the past couple of days, which means I haven't been eating too much. Here in New York we had a massive intestinal infection going around with over a couple thousand people being effected from a waterspray park in Geneva which is about 17 miles from me. My grandson Timmy Guy was one of them. He went to the waterpark on the last day of summer school and contracted the infection. He had it for over a week. He is eight years old. I know Timmy Guy tried very hard to make it to the bathroom when the slightest urge came over him...but it was like water and he couldn't seem to make it to the bathroom in time. I should note here, that I watch Timmy Guy everyday that his mother works. Anyhow....there were underwear...and there were underwear that I kept hand washing and then I would take them outside and hang them on the clothesline. I will also tell you since I am a nurse ...I know all about handwashing...which I did and I did...but I think I got his bug. Since...I don't like doing the bathroom scene myself, I haven't been eating. Besides that...I keep getting these crampy pinching twinges....so I don't even feel like eating. So I have been sick.
My husband continues to be on strike....I wish that would end. Today, though I didn't feel well, I spent a bunch of time filling out forms to send to our bank that holds our mortgage. They want to know everything and anything...I am surprised they didn't ask me what my favorite color was...it would have been easier to answer than some of the questions they asked. I also spent time composing a letter to send with the forms along with the message that was given to all the employees from the Union. So now we wait to hear back from them. Nothing is ever easy, is it??
Since I knew approximately what time the hurricane Katrina was expected to make landfall I was up early this morning in from of my TV watching CNN. I spent most of the day laying on the couch watching it. This evening I also spent some time on http://CNN.com and read Miles O'Brien's blog which I found interesting to read and personal. He also has a sense of wit.
After my husband went to bed this evening I was back in front of the TV watching CNN again. I am seeing pictures of huge, massive amounts of flooding from the storm. I am also listening to the dire casualities they feel there is from all of this. People trapped in the attics of their houses from the flooding with no where else to go. People yelling from inside their attics....people they couldn't get to because it was then dark out and too dangerous for the boats to be in the flooded water to maneuver safely over down power lines ( some still being hot), leaking natural gas lines...and to dark to see. Those people will have to left in their houses , in their attics, or on the roof tops till tomorrow. The fear is there will be many people who have died or will die from this hurricane. It just breaks my heart...I wish there was some way I could help. I keep thinking...if I was single and responsible for only me in this world...there is alot that I would do to help others in need. I felt the same way on September 11th. If only I was single, how much more I could do to help people. Maybe I am crazy for feeling this way.
Anyhow...tonight before I go to bed I will be praying for those that are in need that were effected by the hurricane....though it is a pretty name I think..."Katrina"...I also think she was a monster and it reminds me that there are people that are worse off than me this evening, or even days to come. I pray for them.

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