Saturday, July 27, 2013

My husband and I have had some discussions about maybe trying to turn bobbins and who knows maybe sell them. My husband when he was working in a factory before he retired made me some alumium bobbins that were very nicely turned on a lathe where he worked. The Alumium was scrap metal and he had permission to do this... but he does know his way around using a lathe. So who knows right now. 
  Since my husband is 64 he is too young still to benefit from having medical insurance  so we are paying for our own insurance which is alot of money. I don't believe in having my hand out concept. We fend for ourselves. We are also on a very limited income and now that is fixed. My husband has worked since he was 16 in a factory doing factory work on hard concrete floors for all of those years until now. He didn't work at a cushiony desk job using his mind but instead it was very physical labor. His body is worn out...he felt he could work no longer I have been racking my head with other things we could do to increase our income a bit. Right now it is so tight you could n't slide a piece of paper through the money we do have.
  Tomorrow I am going to start painting bobbins again and sell them through ebay.  I have never been a blond person so I know I won't be making millions...but if I could add a few bucks here and there it will help some.As it is...he might be retired but we have no money by the time we pay our bills  (including a mortage we still owe for another 4 or 5 years yet), for anything.  Anyhow...we shall see...we shall see.

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Jane McLellan said...

Good luck!