Sunday, July 21, 2013

I came across this pair of bobbins on the internet and am wondering if anyone knows who the maker of these bobbins are. I don't know why but I love the London Eye bobbins. Can anyone give me a clue. Here is a picture of the bobbins.Thanks for you help in advance.
 Also the Bedfordshire bookmark I made  I am entering in the State Fair. I have never done that before. I have entered in the county fair but not the state. So this should be interesting.
   I have been working and working on the old bedfordshire edging that I started years ago. YOu can see a picture of that on my website. here... It is on the very bottom of the bobbinlace page on the right hand corner. I was originally going to put the edging on that piece of material you see in the picture but I have since scrapped that idea. I am not going to make a top and put that edging on the top around a square neckline instead.  I have three of the corner done...I have to do about 5 more repeats of the scallops and then go down one more side.  Putting this edge on a piece of material to put out only druing Holiday times seems kinda stupid to me know...I don't know what the hockey sticks I was thinking back then. 

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geraldine said...

Look like Maggie Wall bobbins. S he does such lovely fine paint work on her bobbins.If they are you will fined a M and W joined together some where.