Friday, October 04, 2013

Hiya everybody in Lacingland. I thought I would update you all...I do have a few bobbins on ebay right now. I have my Halloween Witch design left in Midland. My square witches have been sold. If anybody is interested in one please let me know. After I come back from Ithaca, NY Lace Weekend next weekend...Iwill have more bobbins to paint. There is only little bit more than three days left for the witchy one with Whiskers too. Take a look at the witches shoes also. Here is a picture of her
I also have another square one that I just listed on ebay this evening. It has a purple background with flowers on it... it is prettier I think than the picture is really showing. The weather was a bit dreary today and I couldn't get a better picture of the bobbin. But the colors are brighter than in the picture.

I also painted this bobbin today. It has a hot pink background with orange and red. I know you might not think they colors go well together but this bobbin colors really grab you. There is also some copper metallic. It really is a pretty bobbin and it says "I" MAKE ALOT OF LACE'. I think it is a pretty one. I listed these two the purple one and the hot pink ones on ebay today. This bobbin is also brighter than this picture actually shows. I am painting a few of these to give to friends when I go to Ithaca next weekend. I also have a couple spares that I will be selling of this one and the purple one.
   So take a look on will find my bobbins if you are interested in purchasing them.:)


Anonymous said...

Wow, I REALLY love the purple ones and the hot pink ones! Makes me wish I made bobbin lace!

Sherry aka Celtic Dream Weaver said...

Is that you Stephanie Wilson? Thank you for the compliment.