Thursday, October 10, 2013

Hiya everybody. I have been painting like a "Mad Lacer" for the past couple of weeks. I have painted all of the bobbins in these pictures. That is alot of tedious painting. I am hoping to raise some money to help out my family expenses. All of the witches with Whiskers are sold except for the two midlands. I still have a couple up on ebay but they should be ending soon. I am taking all of these bobbins with me when I go to Ithaca Lace weekend. I am taking Carrickmacross Lace with Mary Shields. I am excited. I will get to Ithaca very early Sat  Oct.12th and going home on Oct. 14th. Last time I took Mary's class I was sicker than a dog with a real nasty cold that I came down with right after I got to my after the banquet. Since I just got over a cold hopefully that won't happen again. Here are the pictures of the bobbins.

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rainbows and raindrops said...


I'm wondering whether I can buy a couple directly off you. How much would you charge?

Maybe drop me a line @