Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Well...yesterday was another trip to Clifton Springs Hospital. The depression was coming back. I guess it is my fault that it did. I was prescribe resteril sleeping pills which are addicting to help me sleep. I had been taking them since I have been home from the hospital....but hey...I gave up the addiction to cigarrettes and I didn't want to exchange it to another addiction so I tried on Sunday night and Monday night not to take my sleeping pill. Well...I didn't sleep much on Sunday on Monday I spent half of the day laying on the couch and thankful I wasn't babysitting that day. Then yesterday I was on the couch again after another sleepless night. So thank God my daughter Chrystal was home from work and she took me to the hospital for I could feel the depression coming back on I was wheepy and feeling very tired. Bottom line I guess I Have to take my sleeping pills. I am feeling better today.

Tomorrow I go back to Clifton Springs to see a Psychatrist and I was told I could maybe get a sleeping pill that isn't addicting. While I am there I am going to ask why they put me on an antidepressant with the side effect of trouble sleeping. That is what started this whole mess...I couldn't sleep from the Chantix and then I ended up being really sick to my stomach.

I was told last night that it will be awhile before I am stable and feeling somewhat normal. Since I don't have a husband is taking a couple days off from work so I can make my appointments that I need.

Yesterday I got a beautiful paper hand made card in the mail from Mary Donohue. I was so surprised and when I got around to opening the package it was in I was on my way to Clifton so that brought tears to my eyes again. With depression...everything makes you wheepy. But the card was so beautiful and I was so touched that she thought of me and sent me the card. I am sharing a picture I took of my card with all of you.

Thankgoodness I took my sleeping pills over the Hector Weekend.IT was a great weekend and I was feeling fine though a bit tired at night...but then it was a busy day. I was lucky enough to give Martha Ess a ride back and forth from Canandaigua where I live to Hector on both days. We had a lot of chance to talk. She gifted me with some pretty awsome things. get this everybody....CELTIC DREAM WEAVER and me SHERRY now has her very own TATBEAD designed and made by Martha Ess. She gave me my Tatbead as one of the gifts she gave to me. I wore my Tatbead on my Lace Making Sweatshirt Cardigan proudly.
These are the pictures of the Tatbead that Martha did for me...and I can't take any better pictures of my Tatbead than Martha did so here is my Tatbead...what do you all think of her...and look at that fly away hair. Of coarse I got my hair cut so it isn't so long now...but still as someone else told me is still me....And I found out that Janey O Janey across the pond knew about my new Tatbead.

Isn't she so cute????!!!! She also gave me a crocheted purple mind you hedgehog which I will have to get a picture of yet and she gave me a couple other things that I will be proofing but I have my very own sample of so ....sorry pictures of those.

I have lots of pictures from the Hector weekend but I will post those on another day.

Also in the mail today I got Iris Niebach's Brand new book. Wow...wait until you guys she her book.
I am going to leave this post with one picture of one of her design that I actually tatted when proofing this particular pattern.


erin said...

Gorgeous stuff, Sherry! And I'm glad things are looking a weeeeee bit upward, too. ;-)

That necklace is stunning! And what a wise color choice, too. heehee!

Tatskool said...

Love the tatbead and the necklace. What clever people you all are.