Friday, April 18, 2008

This is the second time I have typed this post. Just when I was ready to publish the blog entry I got windows must close box and I lost everything. I so hate when that happens.

So now it is the day before yesterday instead of yesterday my girlfriend of over 30 years called me out of the blue. Her name is Laurie DeGraw. Anyhow last year we went to a craft festable that was in Kershaw Park. We both like crafts...though she doesn't make lace she is very crafty in other things. I have been trying to get her to come over to the darkside of learning how to make lace but I guess her force is stronger than mine. Anyhow we were looking at some very pretty stones that could be used for jewerly and we decided to make each other a necklace. I am so sorry to say I haven't started hers yet but I will....Laurie did make my necklace and gave it to me on Saturday. Isn't the necklace pretty. I was so surprised. It was kinda funny....I had my eyes closed when she gave me the box...of coarse I knew what was in while opening eyes were closed and when I opened the box....I opened my eyes and I gave a surprise OOHHH WOOWWW. So here is the picture of the necklace my friend made for me. I love the pink stone...what do you think Erin...isn't the necklace gorgeous....Look at all the pink in it.

Also I thought I would share with you a couple pictures of butterflies. Connie Angeline and I decided that we would both make butterflies and trade them when we saw each other in Hector, New York Tatting event that was earlier this month. She made hers out of pink thread and black beads. It reminds me of 1950s but I don't know why...Does anybody know why I would think that? And since I was born in 1955 I don't remember the fifties. Kinda wierd huh??

Also I will share the picture of the butterfly I made for her. My pattern came from an old "Old Crochet" magazine. So here are the pictures.

Later on this week I will show you more pictures that I took at Hector, New YOrk Tatting event.

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