Friday, April 11, 2008

Here is a picture of my finished Hector Dragonet from a class I took of Karey Solomon. I just finished this dragon today. I like how it turned out. I hope Karey sees my finished dragon too.

Anyhow...there was a dragon pattern I was suppose to proof for Karey before the Hector event but I was having real problems with the pattern ...and I think now it was because of the depression that started to set in with me made it so I couldn't think and concentrate because I was so tired and sick. So I will get back to that dragon starting tomorrow and see if I can finish that one. It is also a pattern of Kareys' but a different dragon.

Tonight I think I will finish up a pair of Nina Libin's earrings that I also started at Hector. I have one of the earrings done...just got to make the other one. They will be pretty. Then there is also another style too of Nina's so I will make those too. I do feel sorry that Nina didn't make it to Hector this year but Rita Cochrane did a good job in being Nina's Substitute teacher.

Anyhow...I will share some of my Hector pictures with you. Enjoy! There will be more but I will just start with a few for now.

In these pictures you have Suzzie Q with her purple hair doo...and a close up of her special Tatbead Earrings that Jane Eborall made for her.
There is a picture of Kathy Bryant and her in progress purple shawl from a pattern of Mary Konior. I am making a shawl also using this same pattern. There is a picture of a Christmas tree with lots of cool tatted ornament on it that was raffled off in a silent auction and Suzzie Q of the UK was the winner of the tree. When I last looked at the silent auction sheet hers was the only name on it...I wonder how many more names were on the sheet or did Suzzie Q scare everyone away?? LOL We also at the beginings of a Chess Set that is being tatted by either Ginny Weathers or Dani the Geek. I don't know which one it belongs to. We also have a pretty picture of a doily which I remember seeing a couple years ago. The pattern was from a workbasket magazine. I do remember that and I have that pattern somewhere around here. Also this cool looking Adam and Eve picture. It kinda reminds me of Adam and Eves I have seen in old needle samplers. Anyhow I hope you all enjoy the pictures. There will be more shown in days to come.


Tatskool said...

Thanks so much for showing your photos, enjoyed them a lot. LOVE the dragon.

Anonymous said...

cool photos! I love the dragon, as you could guess. I wonder what Sue used on her hair to make it that lovely color!! I also love the shawl pattern, I will have to look that one up!

erin said...

Wow - Look at that purple hair! Hmm...I'm gonna have to rethink my L'Oreal #6 Light Brown next time around. The pics are lovely, but that dragon is a stunner! ;-) And Bloo, too!

Jeff Hamilton said...

I love the dragon you made. I hope Karey will be selling the pattern soon. Thanks for showing us the pictures of Hector 2008. I remember Dani saying she was bringing her (partially complete) chess set to Hector. Take care.

Ginny W said...

That was Dani's Chess set. Mine isnt that far yet! I have lots to go still.

dani, the geek said...

yup, that's mine!