Thursday, April 24, 2008

Just to tease you a bit. Here is a picture of a necklace I made while proofing Iris Niebach's new jewerly tatting book. I made it in size 30 thread of hand dyed thread from Marilee the Yarnplayers. What do you think of the colors is that me or what??!! This book or Iris's has alot of really nice patterns. I understand that you should be able to order it from Lacis. I have a feeling that Handy Hands will have it soon too. You will find my picture of this necklace actually in her book. Aren't I honored.

So here is the tease on it...I hope it enlarges for you. YOu never know with the blog. ;(
One of the two pictures I hope will enlarge after clicking on it with your cursor.

Iris Niebach's blog url is: Here website is:

The Yarnplayer Marilee Rockley's blog url is:

Now to throw some Hector, New YOrk tatting weekend picture at you. Enjoy!!

We have Pam Freck from South Carolina. I was really surprised to see her. We also had Connie Angeline from New Jersey. She is the one I traded butterflies with. Some friends from upper New York. One being Kathy Byrant. We have Martha with her red hair. I did learn something else from her....hmmm I wonder what it was....I think it was suppose to be a secret.... And we have a beautiful doily whose pattern came out of an old Workbasket Magazine. And we have more pictures of people sitting around tatting. Oh and I am showing you another picture of List Mom for Here Be Tatters Sussie Q Hanson...sitting down and behaving herself....

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Iris Niebach said...

Thank you Sherry for posting the photos from Hectors, it is always so exciting seeing tatting groups learning and tatting together and seeing all the tatter VIPs,