Friday, April 18, 2008

Just a bit of tatting to show you. The dragon is from Karey Solomon's new Dragon Book. I love dragons, but you didn't know that out there in Tattingland did you?? Anyhow when I was starting to get sick with the depression and before I ended up in the hospital Karey had sent me an email to proof this dragon. She didn't have to break my arm or shuttles. I love dragons, but I was starting to get sick...and I couldn't concentrate...and my dragon got started but I just couldn't see how I was going to get him done...I kept getting stuck and couldn't figure out how to make the dragon. This fustrated me...but as I got sicker ....I didn't want to do it anymore.

Well the past couple of days I worked on this dragon again. I got it finished but it isn't exactly how it was suppose to be made but pretty close. I think I will have to make another of this dragon pattern. Now that I did this one...maybe the second one will be easier. I still have concentration problems. Still can't sleep and still look tired now all the time. I don't feel rested at all and my energy level is all down. I have been told that it takes along time for the depression symptoms to go away. What I want to know is when I can go to sleep again ( who use to sleep like the dead) without taking sleepings like I have to now just to go to sleep. If I don't take them I can't sleep which leads me back to relasping which I did a couple weeks ago.

The other picture is Tatterly's Heart designed by Diana Stevens. I thought this heart would be simple to make and usually it would have been but like I said ...having problems concentrating and just missing things. I tried to make this heart three times and I finally got it made correctly. Here is the url for the heart pattern if you would like to get it and make it yourselves.

I hope the link still works for you. I had this pattern printed off since 12/23/00 which is the date on my print out.

Next week I will put up more pictures from Hector, New York event.


connie said...

Hey Sherry
Hang in there and you will get better. Thanks for all the wonderful pictures. If I could ask for one more. Could you send me a picture of the butterfly I made for you. I didn't get a chance to take a pic and I want it to be the first in my 25 motif challenge
Thanks and feel better soon
Connie Angeline

Tatskool said...

Love the Dragon, is Karey's book available yet?????

The link to the heart pattern didn't work for me.It looks lovely especially in that thread.

Yes do hang in there and it will pass.

Tatskool said...

Just found this link that works for the heart

LadyShuttleMaker aka MadMadPotter said...

Is this "Fuchsia" and "Tutti Frutti"? They look lovely!

Iris Niebach said...

This dragon is really georgeous. I fell immediately in love with him.