Monday, January 07, 2008

YOU, have gotta see what I got in the mail from my friend Erin Halloway. LOOKIE.... LOOKIE HERE!!!!
When I was in Tenn. last past September visiting Erin before we jumped into Raymond's van and had the giggles over the sock monkeys we were making and trying to gauge Mark's reaction to the surprise he got...( incase you don't know...he got his very own TaTman Action Figure and a Batman made into TaTman waste can presented to him at Palmetto's Fun Tatting Weekend) really it was a Kodak moment to remember...anyhow...Erin took me to the bead shop that was in her locale. Of coarse when this ditzie person (ME) walks in she is seeing bling...blinging all over the place. And inside the showcase under the register was a string of real raw Aquamarine. Which incase you don't know and probably don't...that is my birthstone. I inquired to the cost of one of these raw nuggets and when I was told the amount I said to Erin...well if I had the money I would buy one of them and make it a focal point in a tatted necklace. Guys and Ladies...take a look at the necklace Erin made for me for Christmas. Do you see the focal point. I love this necklace and I love the fact that she had used copper looking beads with the pink and the bluish colored thread. Those beads and thread are perfect for that Aquamarine stone. What a beautiful necklace!!!! And it even has my birthstone. This was inside a little change purse you see in the pictures.

The only othe Aquamarine stone I have is one that I had special ordered years ago to have set into a white gold Claddagh ring. I wear this ring as my birthstone ring. The ring was gifted to me years ago from my mother inlaw. I always wear it and always think of her when I look at it.

Also in my package I received from Erin was this funky Glitterville,Dept.56 coffee cup. Now what do all of you think of it...What about you Carol Amich?? Isn't it cool. Take a look at the ears..and the vampire teeth...and guess what..the eyes actually jiggle when moved or touched. is three pictures of it, back, front...and look has your homemade black hat on its head. I am really going to have to do that beaded band now, that you taught in Hector I think it was ...I think it would go perfectly with the cup...and see there is one tatted flower that was given to me by Mark this past September.

She also sent to me a hat box to put my glaring, purple tatted hat into for safe keeping. And lo and behold..more Christmas ornaments to cover with decorations.

I tell you I am so blessed with having tatting friends like you all in Tattingland. I am so lucky to have all of you. You all made my Christmas absolutely wonderful and "FUN". I lOVE YOU have just about brought me to tears you all have been so kind to me.
Now I am going to have to tell you that I will probably be quiet for a spell for I am very busy proofing patterns for a couple of tatters. Which means...hmmm might be more tatting books down the road you think?? Since the patterns are not published it means my tatting will be kept secret for awhile unless you plan on coming over to my house and raiding my tatting area in the middle of the night with your black Nija suits on...but be forewarned if you do that...Mr. Green and Mrs. Pink Shuttle and PUff and the gang all have acute hearing and will alert me to intruders in my house.

Anyhow....have fun looking at the pictures. There is more great tatting coming your way eventually.


Gina said...

And I thought I was stringing Christmas out forever! You got me beat! And yes, you better finish that hatband!
:-) Gina

Anonymous said...

That is such a beautiful necklace, I can't begin to imagine how to tat a piece like that - I'm sure you will wear it with the greatest pride and enjoyment, as well you should.

battatter said...

Oh, the necklace is just perfect for you.. Erin is so nice! And, yes! I love the cup... he is the cutest thing..heehee....Lucky lucky girl!