Sunday, January 20, 2008

Here is Suzzie Q ( Sue Hanson) a few years a go and take a look at her outfit. Do you see the Purple Glamor Queen. On my stereo cabinet you can see a scarf that has a tatted edging all the way around it. I made this back when I thought I was the only tatter left in the universe. Of coarse we went shopping on that day too. On top of my Stereo cabinet you can see one of the only two Beanie Babies I have. The Irish Bear. I didn't go nuts over the Beanie Babies like some people did. In the picture frame above the stereo cabinet is a collage of sorts of different places I saw on my trip across the big pond by big JUMBO Plane. I think it was May of 2004. But doesn't see look like a Brit to you....I think our tatting guild The Fingerlakes Tatters also gave her that bag she is toting.

Also here is a group shot of us all. I know most of the people in the picture but not all of them.

In the next picture is Suzzie Q and I doing what we love to do...that is tatting. Note my Hogwarts Tshirt I am wearing. Yup...I am a Harry Potter Fan...I bet you all didn't know that huh??

Also here are some picture of of the "Proof Tatting" I did for Ben Fikkert a couple years ago.

In the first picture is his "Buttercup" Doily. That is the white and multicolored one and the second varigated blue doily is "Tequila Sunrise" and lastly is an edging I also proofed called "Chinese Lantern". The book "Tatting Adventure" is a great book. There is still more in the book that I want to make some day.

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KlaudjaB said...

Your page is truly inspirational!!
I did learn to tat with books so I I'm surprised at the way you both hold the shuttles very gracefully compared to me! Is that the "proper" way to hold the shuttle?
I hold it as if the poor thing is trying to escape from my grip!