Sunday, January 13, 2008

This is the beginning of, it is not the beginning of a doily or a snowflake but something. This is dyed thread that I bought from Karey Solomon when I went to the Hector tatting group party. I couldn't quite decide what to make with it...but have decided as you can see. The thread is also size 10. This is a thread size that I don't like tatting with. I like the finer sized threads...but this size will work for what I have started....Mysterious...and mysterier( is there such a word) My dictionary is right here to look the word up)...I think it is harder to tat with size 10 thread. I have noticed in just doing this that it tires my hands...I wonder if anybody else has noticed this too.


Tatman said...

Nice thread colors!!!. Size 10 thread doesn't tire my hands....just feels like rope! Plus I have to keep reloading the shuttle. I like all tiny threads too as you know :-D

'RainbowRose' Connie Faulconer said...

WoW Sherry! I love the colors here AND the pattern!!!! I haven't noticed it being any harder to tat with larger thread,,,but I too do favor the smaller finer threads, even if it is harder for me to see. LOL I just tell people the magnifying glass is my new best friend LOL!!!

Heather said...

I absolutely love this! I am a new tatter and was wondering if you minded if I tried making something very similar to this - just as practice. I wouldn't be selling it or anything. Also if I post about it on my blog, I would of course credit you with the design. Is this ok?