Monday, January 07, 2008

Just one picture to show you today. This is the beginning of a doily. The thread is actually two different dye threads that I got on ebay years ago. I don't remember the seller or anything about it. But I really like the colors. The thread type is the same but the dying is different. One was a very settle blue and the other was a variegate. Putting the two together as I did in the beginnings of this doily makes it look like I am using just one colorway or one type of dyed thread when in actuality it is two.
The hanks were good size (a lot of thread to actually maybe make a doily and not just a motif )and I do not remember having to pay a fortune for the skeins.

I do have a dilemma here though. I am not sure if I have enough of this thread to finish the doily...but I am going to try. You will see more of this doily as I do more work on it.

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erin said...

Now that's beautiful!