Sunday, January 20, 2008

It is day eight of "Tat it and See" and I have mine done already today and the Grandkids are not even here yet. I can say one thing for sure about what it is a Janey Oh Janey Critter. My guesses...a name of a beer, a ippoh, or it starts with either a p or a b...but here is a picture of day eight in the fun. I really am enjoying doing this...just think when it is all done I have another piece of tatting that I can put in my "Scooby Do Fun Book"


Marilee Rockley said...

I think I recognise that thread, LOL!
Looks great!

AnneB said...

Hi Sherry!
Saw you comment in my blog. The colour Ă–ren Bayan I used is no 012.
Love your tatting, and see that you like variegated threads :-)