Sunday, January 20, 2008

Jane's "Tat it and See" is mine. I have two guesses what this looks like to me. One starts with an H and the other starts with a b or p...depends on what name you want to give it. But we shall see...we shall see in the end.

My tatted piece is sitting ontop of an square piece of cloth that I had put a celtic bobbinlace edging around. A few years ago I was helping Ann Keller of Ireland put together her book called " Celtic Bobbinlace for Beginners" You can see that book here

All the bobbinlace pieces you see on the cover are actually my pieces of lace. I also helped a group of ladies in Ireland do lace for dancing stage costumes. I made big pieces of lace using Gold Rush. If any body is familar with that thick stuff you know it isn't easy to use in making bobbinlace. Gold Rush is usually used as a gimp thread in bobbinlace. But the lace was to be applied to black velvet so the lace had to be thicker so it would stand out on the velvet. The gimp thread was either white with gold metallice or it was white with silver metallic together.

I keep thinking that someday I want to put the lace patterns on my scanner if I can get them to fit and make the prickings smaller so I could make them smaller. I was commissioned to make the lace a couple years in a row. I had to make certain pieces enough to do four or five dresses....this included the collar, lace piece for the bodice and the skirt of the dresses. If you search on my website you can see some of the lace in progress on my bobbinlace el cheapo cookie pillow.

You can also see some of the bobbins I painted of cartoon characters. The lace pictures are also on Ann's website. I think if you go back in her newletter you will find the right up on the celtic laced dance costumes. Okay...okie dokie...I think I better hit the bed now...nighty night...

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