Sunday, October 31, 2010

As my card says...Happy Halloweenie!! This my favorite time of the year. It is when all the ghosties, Witchies, smiling Jacks, and the bones dance. It is when you can be whatever you want to be...and you can pretend to do whatever you want to do. What better day can there be than Halloween.?? It is when the leaves are damp beneath your feet, the moon is big and if you look real close it almost appears to be smiling right back at you. Gray pillars of smoke is seen making it curly Qs in the air and the smell tingles your nose. It is when the breeze kicks up and the leaves that are still waiting to fall free of the tree are doing their final pirouettes. It is a time when the chicklets get dressed up and the dreams of full candy bags dance in their heads...Candy...Candy...Candy...I want candy! And after the deed is done...they dump the bags and stuff themselves with sugar "high" energy. It is a time when parties are in full swing..bobbing for apples, the parade to show the best costumes, the hayrides through the fields, the crows calling in the distance, it is when dancing commences, and games of fun are played. It is when toilet paper makes lace on trees, and the smell of Fall is in the air. It is time for "Wizard of Oz" and I will get all of your Pretties and it is a cruel world, it is a time for Frankenstein, and all the bloody Dracs, it is time for the walking dead looking to claim a new soul and the late nights trying to watch all the movie great of the past. It is a WONDERFUL time of the year. My Favorite.
NOw to tell you what you are seeing in my Halloween Card to you all. Last Christmas my daughter Chrystal gave to me the "Wizard of Oz" snowglobe. She knows I love the movie. One side is the good witch Glenda and the other side is the Wicked Witch of the West. It plays "Witches Fanfare". The other witch you see in the card is my Rhianna Witch that I designed and made . There is a write up on her on my website here.... click on where it says the story of Rhianna. I made her about 5 years ago.

Also in the picture you can see my bat bowl and my witches' bowl. I got both of these from my friend Erin at past Christmas times. I love them and they stay out on my coffee table all year around. They are so cute and both have eyes that jiggle when touched. They are from what is known as Giltterville. They are both signed by the designer and are way cool. They are special and I love them. I just found out that they are stack able. I didn't know that. So the two are stacked now.

Now for the bowl with the candy in the middle is another story. One of my favorite places to eat is Macroni Grill. The closest one to me is in Henrietta which is a suburb of Rochester, New York. It is about 45 minutes from my house. My second favorite place is Cracker Barrel and I love their pecan pancakes. husband is always saying that he doesn't like to just sit around on his days off so yesterday morning I awoke and said ...hey, since we don't have the chicklets today how about going to Cracker Barrel for breakfast. I was really expecting him to say NO since I know he doesn't like to drive up there....but he said to will be a bit late for breakfast...( it was about 9 when I woke up) I could be brunch. I couldn't believe he said I hurried and got dress and threw a bit of makeup on and off we went. I did have my pecan pancakes with real maple syrup and some maple smoked ham. It was so good...and I was so stuffed. On the way out I looked around in the store and noticed that the Halloween items were 50% off. I saw this cute either a candy dish or cookie jar and I had to have it came home with me. The funny thing is it kinda matches my two Glitterville bowls I have gotten from Erin over the years. How cool is I decided to make my card to all of you with these items from my Halloween stash of fun Halloween things. Enjoy and I hope you all have a safe and Happy Halloween.


Tatman said...

thanks for the Halloweenie wishes and I like Romano's Macaroni Grill too!! We have to make a 50 min. trip into St. Louis to get to one. Cracker Barrell is only 40 min. Such is life living in the "country"!

battatter said...

heehee! Love all the 'weeny stuff... especially the bat!
And.. I recognize some of that fabric!
Hope you had a great Halloween. We only had 7 Trick or Treaters! More candy for me!