Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Hi all,

This year I did an Halloween cross stitch exchange with my fellow stitching friend Ann Bergeron of Baton Rogue, La. We have been writing back and forth and met on LittleHouser Needlework and Prairie School Lists. Here is a picture of the ornament I made for Ann. The pattern came from CrossStitch and Needlework Sept. 2008. It was shown in the picture going around a cup. Since I wanted to make the design into an ornament I decided to do it one strand of thread going over one. I like this ornament so much that I stitched another one for me. I still have to put the ornament together yet.I also sent Martha Ess's teapot that I tatted.

Today I got Ann's ornament in the mail and I love it. It has that primative look to it which I love. I am hanging it on my purple tree that I got from Maggie last year.So I will have two ornaments on my tree. Here are pictures of the ornament I got from Ann. I am wondering what thread she stitched it in. It looks like a vaiegated gray to black. It is perfect for the ornament. Thank you Ann so much. She also sent to me a LttleHouse Needlework patytern. What fun, huh??!

The picture of my ornament I did for Ann isn't enlarging. You can see a better picture of the ornament on Ann's blog. Here is the url for that.


Jackie said...

Your exchange to and from Ann are beautiful. Very nice.

battatter said...

So neat!
I was going to wait to send your package when I got something Christmasy in it, but I will send it out so you can have the Halloweeny stuff in time, and send the Christmasy stuff later...