Monday, November 15, 2010

Christmas will be here faster than I like to think about. Money is so very tight this year...and I have been thinking of how to raise a bit of money to at least buy my Grandchicklets something for Christmas so I am painting bobbins that will put up on ebay when I get them finished and ready. This takes alot of my time to do.

I use to paint Celtic themed bobbins for a bobbin of the month which I sold through Tracy the Lacemaker. I spent hours at my kitchen table all scrunched up with a tiny bristled brush painting very detail bobbins. My inspiration for my bobbins came from the "Book of Kell" which I actually saw at Trinity College in Dublin, Ireland. Of coarse the book was in an enviroment glass case to protect the 800 years old manuscript. But I so loved the art. When I painted I went under the name of Celtic Dream Weaver. Hence, that is where my website name and where my messengers and email addresses came from . I stopped painting after doing it for some killed my neck and shoulders ...and oh yeah...lets not forget the back...but I want to be able t have some money to Christmas shop with for my I am painting.

I have also taken a look at Sharon's new Tatting Snowflake book. NO, I don't have it, but I went to take a gander at her site where she is selling the book. It looks like a real nice snowflake book. I bought one of Sharon's books a few years ago...and it was really well done. I don't want the ebook I want a hard copy. I don't have any color ink and I haven't had any in over a year now. Printing books are costly...and so sometime would like to get her book. I want to make some of her flakes.

This past weekend we went to Webster, New York which is a suberb off Rochester, New York for an 80 year old birthday party for my husband's Aunt. Here is a picture of her blowing out her candle. I have to say I timed taking this picture just right.

It was great to see family we haven't seen in awhile now. There was lots of food...and it was yummy food too. And did I say cake yet....oh my gosh...I wonder if it was one of those Wegman cakes. Yeah...I am a diabetic...with my sugars controled most of the time...but I just let myself go and had fun and didn't think too much of what I was putting into my mouth. I will say that I skipped supper. I think I just had a cup of hot Swiss Mocha coffee drink. It was a good day. The celebrations were at a lodge and there was a wood burning fire in the fireplace. So homey. The weather was perfect for the day. It was either in the high fifties or low sixties I think. And the sun was shining like there was going to be a huge candle sniffer around. But is a picture of me ( that is the beach whale on the right) and my skinny ( who can eat anything and not have to worry aobut it) in front of the fireplace. Speaking of Mr. I can eat all I want he must have had at least two plates full of food and let not mention all the food he kept picking up as he was going around talking to family.


Tatman said...

so glad you are paiinting bobbins again!! I cherish mine that you have painted. :) The fireplace is real similar to my dad's that he built in their house that looks like a rough hewn lodge. It features all the rocks that we collected over the years while we travelled all around the Western states. We still do that ;)

Jane Eborall said...

WOW, those bobbins make me want to start bobbin lace again. Fantastic and SO very clever.