Tuesday, September 21, 2010

You have got to see these very yummy and pretty shuttles. Coming our way soon. They are Clover shuttles in new colors.

Will be available I think on Wednesday or soon after from Handy Hands. Here is the url for the colors that Handy Hands will have. http://kkommy.blogspot.com/2010/08/flora-tatting-shuttle.html I do know from Barbara that they are going to be getting awhole lot of these in but there will be some. I think the package of five will be selling for between 13.00 to 14.00 so if you want them...you have better keep checking on their website. Here is the url for Handy Hands.http://www.handyhandstatting.com/index.html I do know they should be in really soon. I would look for where it says new items. I am just tell you all of this since I know there are many that love the color shuttles...and these shuttle colors are to die for. Take a look at the soft pink one and the beautiful purple one. Signing. It is about time Clover came up with some new colors. Take a look at the colors. I also think there will be more size 80 thread too that will be available to order.

I think right now I will continue on with my story of my vacation...so here are a few more words and pictures for you all to look at.

Oh ,first I think I will share this picture of a Monarch Butterfly that landed on one of my Butterfly Bushes. I have more than one of these bushes and actually this bush is a deeper and dark pink than it looks in this picture...but I so love the picture just the same.

Okay now on to my story ...ON my flight down to Tennesee I didn't have too much time between my connecting flight at Dulles Airport in Washington, DC. I remember getting off my flight and looking at the time..and thinking my GOSH....I don't hardly have any time...and I really needed to take care of nature too...But I was running to get to where the bus connected to go from one part of the airport to the other part. I looked at the time that the bus was leaving. and nearly had a heart attack. My connecting flight was to leave I think it was 12:15 in the afternoon or something like that. The time before the bus left to go to the other part of the airport was in seven minutes and something. The time was already 11:50. I was so panicking. But I got on the bus and once I got to the other side of the airport ,the gate I had to be at was right there. So I asked...do I have enough time to using the Ladies' Room. I was told ...the flight was leaving in three minues...so I told her....forget the bathroom and proceeded to go down the gate to board the plane. I was running just about and I vaguely remember someone taking my carry on lugguge from behind me. I was panicking ....I got on the plane and said to the Stewardess...I need to use the bath room now. ...so I went running down to the other end of the plane to take care of things...and I am sitting there...taking care of business ( I so hate using the bathroom on a plane) and I am looking at my purse sitting on the floor in front of me...and I panicked. Where is my carry on??? I thought oh my gosh...did I leave it at the gate when I asked about the bathroom. I couldn't remember taking it with me and bringing it on the plane...So I hurried and finished and ran out from the bathroom...to the stewardess...and said...I think I forgot my carry on and left it at the gate...but then I started thinking...do I remember someone taking my carry on...I wasn't sure...and it was too late for by the time I got out of the bathroom the plane was starting to back out of the gate and I had to take my seat. So there I was...on my way to Knoxville, Tn...to see my friend Erin Holloway and Susie Q. I couldn't do anything about my luggage...
Anyhow...after I landed in Tennessee I was so relieved to see my carryon. Whew...I really cut myself short and almost missed my plane. Next time I will allow myself more time between flights.
Anyhow...After I got my luggage I didn't see Erin anywhere so I called her. Another lesson I have learned over the flying years is to carry phone numbers in my purse and not in my luggage. Anyhow I was told they were just pulling in...and sure enough...there was Erin, Raymond and Susie Q all decked out in her purple attire and her very Brit looking hat.
Off we went to Erin's house for the fun to begin. Our stuff got dumped off and I think we went out to eat. We went to IHOP. It is kinda funny but here at home we see the commercial all the time for IHOP and I drool over all the food they show...but I really think we don't have an IHOP near us. I will have to do a search one of these days and find out. I ordered the Yankee Pot Roast with onions. Susie Q got this big omlet and Erin being the good girl I believe got a salad. I of coarse because of my diabetes problem did not eat all my dinner but had some of it boxed up. It became my dinner on another night ...actually I think I divided it up for two more nights. It was so very good. But for me potatoes are a killer. All that starch that turns into sugar .Waaaa....
The next day I think it was we all went out shopping...did I say shopping...you remember my pictures with the beads don't you...my aquamarine ones...that is when I spent alot of money and bought those. I don't regret that still for I know sometime this year I will make something out of them. I can't buy beads around here...so those will become something special that I will design. Aquarmarine is my birthstone. Susie Q bought some beautiful Amethyst beads.Very pretty!!! I can't wait to see what Sue makes with the beads. Hmm... I thought I had pictures of us in the Bead Store but I guess I don't. I thought I had pictures in IHOP too...but I don't see any...Maybe Sue got some.
After shopping at the bead store we went off to eat at one of my favorite places to eat....Macaroni Grill. I had spaghetti and meatballs. I will be honest and admit that I ate the whole thing in one sitting. IT was so very good. I love that place. I will tell you all here too that my sugar readings were pretty much normal the whole time I was away on my trip. Since being home sometimes it is up ...I think it is because I am not very active at home watching the children. I need to do something about that and find away to get some exercise. I have even been thinking I need a jump rope so I can jump rope. Do they still have the cloth and wooden handle jump ropes I wonder or are they a thing of the past?

Here is a picture of us at Macaroni Grill eating.

After this outing we went back to Erin's house. Here is another picture of Erin and Sue...do we all look relaxed? This was in the evening

The next day we went out shopping. Sue and I found this lusious Lemon cake...oh ...it was so very good...and we also found some Rosemary Bread which I love. Erin also got the fixing for a yummy and very good salad. I love salad...and it is a good thing since I am a rabbit these days.
I have to explain what you are seeing in this next picture which was taken for Raymond's benefit. The night before Raymond showed us this very funny UTube clip of a father and son dancing on British You got Tallent show or something like that. Both were over weight and they both had wigs on and the were both great dancers. They were announced something...Flatley. Since I am a big fan of Micheal Flately with River Dance, Lord of the Dance, Feet of Flames and Tiger of the Dance and I think that Mieheal is a very talented dancer and I just don't think anybody can dance like he can...my ears perked right up when I heard the name of Flately. And sure enough that is who they were immitating. It was so funny...but here is the funny part to me. Raymond didn't realize they were immitating Micheal Flately. He just thought it was funny. To me it made the clip all the more funny. We were dying of laughter.

Here is the url for the clip if you want to get a laugh too.
It was funny.
So we were in the grocery store ....since seeing this clip Raymond was going all over the house doing this stance....so Erin and Sue did it in the store...Funny huh??

Okay this will be it for this post...but the story will continue on another post. Stay tuned.


Tatman said...

And you go off on me and the connecting flights of Chicago! Now you see how I feel LOL!!!!!
That video was hilarious!!!
Thanks for some more entertaining photos and dialogue :)

IsDihara said...

Oh, ha ha ha! That story of the Flatley dance on YouTube got me looking for it and I found it! LOL!

The photo of Erin and Sue's funny stance is my #1 favorite Tat Days photo (and it isn't even of Tat Days).

I luvves me some good, hearty humor!

Thank you for sharing this part of your vacation story. I really look forward to more to come.

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