Tuesday, September 30, 2008

First I will start off with a picture that I did long time ago shortly after I got my Adobe Illustrator program for my computer. This is what I did from just playing around.

I had forgotten I had done this until I was looking at my CDs for something else which I never did find. I was originally looking for some pictures I saved of Nina Libin's Tatting that she use to have on her website, but they are there anymore and I was wondering if I saved the pictures...but I guess I didn't or they are on a CD but I am too blind to see them...LOL. Anyhow you can enjoy this picture. Since I made it I guess I own the copywrite so don't be stealing it without permission if you are going to use it somewhere else please write to me first.
The other exciting news is.....I found out what my next grandchild is going to be....I will be sharing more pictures as soon as I get them. At least now that I know what my grandchild sex is...I can decided on colors....pink or blue....pink or blue.....pink or blue....

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