Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I have a bit more time so I will add two more pictures. In these pictures is one...Marilee Rockley's necklace from her book. And in the other picture is where I made the same butterfly but in metallic thread and crystal beads. The metallic one really sparkles...and Erin and I were talking and I don't know...I might make it into a suncatcher to brighten up my home.
Be sure to read the next entry for I post twice this evening.


Unknown said...

I just got Marilee Rockley's "Boutique Tatting" book today and was just browsing it and admiring it and here you have it all done up. It looks so pretty in the colors you've done it in, too!

Barbara Gordon said...

You sure are fast! I just my book on Monday, but no time yet to do anything yet, but the necklace will be my first. I love the butterflies. Yours is pretty.