Sunday, October 12, 2008

I had a great time yesterday. I went ot Ithaca, New York to the Finger Lakes Lace Guild weekend event. I couldn't stay this year and take classes but I did have a great time. I bought home some real Irish Laces...very old....I will show them to you eventually and I won a couple raffles. I really like playing the raffles for it is really exciting to me. More on that later on too.

I had such a grand time yesterday that today I am actually not tatting but working on my huge bobbinlace pillow and working on my Bedfordshire edging that I started long before I found the internet. I am really enjoying myself and relaxing.

The sun is out and brightly shining and it is actually warm this week and is suppose to be for a few more days yet so I am going to have to get outside and get my flowerbeds ready for their winter blanket of snow and cold.

But the really "GREAT EXCITEMENT" from yesterday is, I finally met one of my Bobbinlace Idols. I use to buy bobbins from across the great pond from them. This is when I was working and I even ordered my bobbins by calling them in England. They do not turn bobbins or sell them anymore .

Maybe I should say a few of my Bobbinlace Idols. Here I am in a picture with......Christine and David Springett and another great Lacemaker and author of lacemaking Pamela Nottingham.

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Anonymous said...

David Springett taught me how to turn bobbins, I have done a couple of courses with him over the years. He is, without doubt, one of the best Turners I have had the pleasure of meeting. My wife has done a number of courses with Christine as well. It was good to read about how much you enjoyed your time with them.