Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Celtic here....as soon as I get my head on straight again and out of the clouds from the week I had with Sherry and Erin....I will tell you mine and Sherry's story. For now here is just one picture to hold you over until I can find some time to sit in front of Micheangelo (Sherry's computer) and tell the Tale of our adventure.

Okay two pictures.....Here I am getting a really, really, and really great hug from my friend Erin Holloway when I got off the plane in Knoxville, Tennesee.


Tatman said...

NICE MASK! did you make it? What of? Is that the tatted beret on your head? Can't tell. Erin is squeezy the living daylights out of you LOL!

erin said...

Yes, I was. But that wasn't really Sherry. That was "Celtic of the Opera"...Sherry was upstairs trying to retrieve her luggage that got waylaid.