Friday, September 19, 2008

Can you say...I want more tatting pictures???!!!...Well, here is what you are asking for. There will be more pictures... come and visit my blog from time to time.

This is Martha's Nativity set from the book by Ineke Kuiperij.

Isn't the set beautiful?

Here is a new heart design by Martha. She also gave me a heart just like this when I saw her in New York for the Fingerlakes Tatting Guild convention in Hector,N.Y.

And since I was so lucky to be able to proof this heart pattern for is mine in the red,pink, yellow,light brown and coral varigated thread. I am showing the front and back of my heart. I think my heart turned out just beautiful too.

This hanky was done also by Martha and I think it was the "Best of Show". It is really a beauty. Funny, it is so pretty that I would never in a thousand years use it for my nose.

This teapot set is also a design of Martha Ess. We have a very pretty teapot,cup, creamer and the yum, yum sugar bowl. Martha is amazing when it comes to designs.

Another teapot designed by Martha. Isn't it so pretty??!!
This heart was also made by Martha. I have a pink heart that she made and gave to me. It is so pretty. It is the Rococo Rose Heart that is on the front cover of a Tatting book by Elgiva Nicholls.


Barbara Gordon said...
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Barbara Gordon said...
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battatter said...

LOVE the pictures! Keep 'em coming! You are so lucky to get to go there! That tatted nativity is awesome! And that purple Celtic heart! Wow.. I want one..does he have it out in a book or something?

Janny Pluimers said...

I saw the beautiful heart from Martha here on the internet. Could any one tell me how I can get the pattern of this heart?

Sherry aka Celtic Dream Weaver said...

Hi Janny, If you go here you will see where you can get Martha's books including the pattern for this heart which is in her Tatting Heart book. Here is the url.
I hope this helps you. I love Matha's patterns. All of them.

Unknown said...

Salve, dove รจ possibile reperire lo schema del presepe a chiacchierino?grazie

Barbara Gordon said...

I am wondering where the pattern for the celtic heart is, the one that has the opening in the center. Have never seen that one before. I have her other Celtic heart pattern already. I should check her books as I have some.