Monday, January 09, 2006

Ta Da Ta Da Ta Da........Peyton is here!!!!! He was born this afternoon. I was there...but am not sure of the time. It was between 1pm and 2pm. He is so sweet and perfect looking. Peyton decided not to wait till Thursday for the C-Section. Chrystal started labor last evening and was C-Sectioned today. He was a big boy and well on his way to some future football team. Maybe the Colts huh???? He weighed 10lbs and 11 ounces. He was 21 inches long...with hair that some men wish they still had...LOL.
Well....I was going to show pictures but for some reason...I keep getting an error which they say will be maybe tomorrow I can show pictures....sorry guys for not being able to show pictures of the newest and hotest babe around...LOL

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