Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Peyton should be born on January 12th. That is if he can hold off that long. I have been really concerned about my new grandchild. He is going to be one big baby. At this time they figure he is 10lbs. Timmy Guy was 8lbs. when he was born and ended up with a collapse lung from the trauma of coming down the birth canal. So...they are not taking any chances with this baby. Especially since he will be at least two pounds more in weight that Timmy guy was at birth. So Chrystal is having a C-section. I will still be worried and will have a sigh of relief when all is over and everything is good. So on January 12th....I should have an announcement and who knows...the first picture of my new grandchild will be posted....I am sure I will be one proud grandmother.
Now if I could just shake my nasty cold I will be all set. This cold has me practically in bed. I can't think too clearly...and I don't feel like doing anything either. But it should hopefully pass by the 12th of January.


erin said...

OH, Sherry! I know you're really getting excited! I'm hoping you can get over that nasty cold, too.

I'm thinking good thoughts about you, Gary, Chrystal, her Gary, Timmy Guy and Peyton!

Oh, and that would be the second picture of Peyton. Remember the first? ;-)

Love and hugs!

Mark, aka Tatman said...

Can't wait for the blessed event! Take LOTS of pictures :)