Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Here is a picture of my only two grandchildren that I have. Timmy Guy and Peyton Lee. Timmy is so excited!!!
Today ....I have been so out of it. I have been really sick as I have posted before. I have also been getting up early in the morning and staying up at night. Then there was yesterday with all the excitement ( a good kind of excitement) Last evening I took Timmy Guy up to the hospital so Chrystal and Timmy could visit and for Timmy Guy to see his new brother. By the time I dropped my car off at Burger King ( which is where Ryan my youngest works) and came home I was tired. Timmy Guy has ADH. It is hard to get him settled down for the night and to go to sleep. At 11 pm he was still awake. Everybody else had gone to bed. I was so tired but Timmy Guy wanted Granny to lay with him on the couch...so I did and fell asleep. Mind you because of the ADH Timmy Guy has to have somekind of background noise or he will keep waking up. So the TV was on with a low volume. I must have layed during the night in a strange way for I woke up at 4 in the morning and my head was really hurting me terrible. I managed to crawl into my own bed...and then...the urge to visit the powder room wouldn't leave me alone....so up I got again to take care of that problem but my head hurt so much I had a problem getting to sleep again. Before I knew it, it was time to get up again and get Timmy Guy up and ready for school. I ended up waking up with a wicked headache...and it has been with me most of the day and making me feel sick to my stomach. This is something I don't need right now. I almost fell asleep on the couch this afternoon, but then I had to stay awake for I had to pick up Michelle ( my youngest daughter) from work and take Ryan to work so I could have the car this evening to take Timmy Guy back up to the hospital. I finally popped a couple tylenol so my headache would hopefully go away...but I think my main problem is I am so tired for being sick and then all the excitement. Things are a bit hectic. Tonight we are going to use our spare bed that we have. Should have thought of that last evening...maybe tonight I can get some much need rest. I just feel so tired...probably not fully recouperated from being sick either though...the cold is much better it is still there. Sigh....anyhow...that is what I have been up to. But my new grandson...is so precious. I got to hold him alot late this morning when my husband and myself went to visit this morning. Yes...I didn't feel good...but is really hard to get me to stop and lay down...and rest...sick or not....life is just too short in my opinion for a whole lot of sleeping, besides I hate naps...when I wake up I have that same groggy feeling I have when I get up in the morning and I don't like that kind of feeling...so no naps.


Anonymous said...

beautiful baby!! I hope he will be a good boy like his brother


Tanya said...

Hi Sherry,
Well congrats on your new grandson!!!! I bet you all are thrilled! He is so cute, a quarterback for sure! Well take care of yourself and enjoy the next few weeks! Timmy Guy is getting so big and very cute too. How lucky you are!!