Saturday, January 28, 2006

Here are some pictures of some bobbins I have painted recently. The first picture shows the bobbins in a group. So which bobbin do you like??

In the next group of pictures if I can do it right is a bobbin I painted in celebration of the birth of my new grandson Peyton. Mark sent to me a picture that he drew and I tried to paint it on a bobbin. Shown are all the sides pretty much. I did add some flowers at the bottom and a winking sun LOL. I tell you ....I wish I could draw right out of the air.

I really don't have much else I can share with you at this time. I have been working on designing some ...."There Be Dragons"....that is very slow going....I really do wish I had some magical tatting dust.....


Mark, aka Tatman said...

COOL bobbins! Love your detail work. You really know how to paint! Puts my detail work to shame. I would go blind doing this. LOL! I will stick to my larger canvases ;)

My favorite bobbin of the lot? I am drawn to the brown one with the pink and yellow paisleys. Also like the two brown and gold ones on the left. Don't ask why....just am.

erin said...

These are so fabulous!!!

Of course, you can guess my favorites. The ones with pink and most especially the "java" bobbin.

Here's to havin' a cup o' joe with you soon!