Tuesday, October 04, 2005

I have finally finished my dragon.
As you can see I have named him Dragonique. How is that for a name??
My intent with the dragon is trying to make him simple to do...HA!!! I might have a smiple mind....but for some reason my designs don't end up simple looking or to do. He isn't quite the way I wanted him to turn out....but he is done. I wanted my dragon to have a crystal in his clutches...so I used sequins and metallic silver thread to try and do this. How else can you do a crystal I ask you...if you have any suggestion...I would love to read them. Anyhow...let me know what you think of him. I would love to read your opinions....even on how I could have made him better. I have other ideas on doing some other dragons...but for the rest of today I will be painting shuttles. I need to be putting more on ebay. The strike for my husband isn't over...and I am being told that for now....there is no end in sight. This is so hard for me to deal with. It isn't just the income problem...there are other issues.
Anyhow...please enjoy the dragon....Dragonique. :)


Mark, aka Tatman said...

GORGEOUS!!!! Who cares if the pattern is simple or not. It is a one of a kind dragon and I don't think this artwork needs to be duplicated. Just like Van Gogh's and all the other great artists out there. Their work is meant to be admired for what it is and not duplicated. FRAME IT and enjoy!

`tim said...

Love him! Wow! What more can I say?!

Grace and Peace,
`tim (www.tenclay.org/blog)

erin said...

Holey moley! What a dragon! Dig that zig zag tatted body, too! Wowie zowie!

What Mark said, too!