Monday, October 31, 2005

Here is a Halloween story for you to read. Have fun and I hope you all had a nice Halloween.

Fright Night At Celtic’s House
By Sherry Townsend aka Celtic Dream Weaver

It was your fall looking day. The leaves on the trees were changing colors and gracefully falling on the ground making a multi colored soft carpet on the ground.
It was a warm day in New York on Maiden Lane in Canandaigua, New York. In the past the weather on October 31st was not fit for man or beast. But this year it was a perfect day weather wise for one of Celtic’s favorite holidays…today was Halloween.
Celtic was sitting at her table in the dining area working feverishly on her project. She wasn’t tatting or making bobbinlace. What she was working on was something that had to be finished before tonight.
Mr. Green Shuttle was all dressed up for the evening events. He was a swashbuckling looking pirate. His shirt was white and flowing. He had on a black hat that had a feather sticking out from it one side. His black pants bellowed to his knees where his black bulky boots met. He was pacing back and forth looking through his one eye that didn’t have the famous pirate patch on, eye balling the mystery project on the table that Celtic was working on making a clunking sound with his boots as he was walking.
Mrs. Pink Shuttle was decked out as a Playboy bunny outfit. Her costume made one think of a penguin, black and white with cat ears pointing up from her head. She was sitting on top of Ms. Floozy Pillow also watching Celtic trying to figure out what Celtic was doing.
Ms. Floozy was also dressed up. She was all orange with a yellow mask over her eyes with a green tatted edge that was drawn closed together at the top of her head…and she was also watching Celtic trying to figure out what Celtic was doing. The funny thing Ms. Floozy thought….I have no idea what I am suppose to be…but what Celtic was working on looked a lot like her own costume.
Celtic was turning her project this way and that way as she was working. Picking up her knife and setting it back down on the table and getting up periodically looking at her project while humming the song Monster Mash to herself…”The monster mash…it was a graveyard smash …the monster mash…”and on she went.
Celtic was expecting company this evening and that is when the fun would really begin. Her friend Esmeralda was coming over bringing with her, her daughter named Josette. They were planning on going trick or treating and then going back to the house to watch movies. But her project had to be finished before Esmeralda showed up….
“Celtic….what are you making?” said Mr. Green Shuttle and then looking at Ms.Floozy and then back to Celtic’s project.
“Well… Mr. Green Shuttle I am curving this pumpkin here so I can have a Jack-O-Lantern. A lot of people curve them every year and then set them outside with a light inside of them to illuminate them. It is a Halloween tradition and it is fun…and gives me a chance to be creative.” Celtic replied.
Celtic sat back at the table and again picked up her knife and started cutting in to the pumpkin again.
“Is that what I am suppose to be too?” said Ms. Floozy?
“Yes, you are Ms. Floozy. I thought with your round shape that it woul.d be the perfect costume for you. That way I can carry you around this evening and you can watch and see what Halloween is all about.”
Celtic picked up the pumpkin and carried it to the kitchen counter and sat it down. She then rummaged through her drawers until she found the perfect tea light candle to set inside the pumpkin. Looking through another drawer she found a book of matches…and striking one she lite the candle and put it inside the pumpkin and placed the top of the pumpkin back on. And a bright light showed through all the holes that were curved into the pumpkin.
The eyes of the pumpkin were slanted upward on each side of the face. There was a skinny “U” for the nose and the mouth was a toothless friendly grin. It was done, her Jack-O-Lantern was ready to be put outside on the deck for all those trick or treaters to look at when they came to her door later on in the evening.
“Now, I have to get myself ready. Esmeralda and Josette will be here soon. Now …what should I be this year….hmmm….I got it…”and then Celtic started to twill around…and around…the diamond dust on her purple dress coming off in a spiral cloud and then coming back on Celtic transforming her into….her dress became shorter to her knees…with blue and white checks on the material. Her hair was caught back with a blue ribbon and ringlets went down the back of her head. As she turned her shoes were clicking and changing to ruby red shoes…..I am now Dorothy from “The Wizard of Oz”.
Her little friends on the table just stared at her. Puff the tatting bag let out a puff of smoke….” Dorothy?”
“Yes Dorothy, from “The Wizard of Oz”. it is a delightful movie and when we get back tonight….we will watch it on the TV. I have the movie here somewhere. I do think that Josette will also enjoy watching it. I know I have over the years.”
“ Now for refreshments,”Celtic said…looking forward to the evening ahead. She closed her eyes and clicked her red ruby shoes together…and suddenly there was all kinds of fattening donuts and chocolates all over the kitchen counter and in a big punch bowl was apple cider on ice with cinnamon sticks floating around.
Just then the door bell rang….and Celtic went to the door to let her visitors in. Esmeralda was dressed up as Mrs. Adams from the “Adams Family” all dress in black with very dark red lipstick on and a spidery net covering her pitch black long wigged hair. Her sleeves were long and full from the elbows to the top of fingers. Her dress clinged to her hour glass figure and then flowed outward from her knees that made a swishing sound as she entered Celtic’s house.
“Esmeralda…come in, so glad to keep you company while you take out Josette trick or treating.” Celtic then looked down at the girl that was behind her mother. “Now I wonder what you could be Josette….let me think here…..are you a witch?” Josette shook her head no,” Are you a Jolly Green Gaint?”….Josette again shook her head no, “ How about telling me what you are then.”
“Celtic, I am Tinker Bell ….you silly, you know from “Peter Pan?,” Josette said, ending the fun guessing game.
“Why yes you are….now why didn’t I think of that?” replied Celtic with a wink of the eye and a smile on her face.
“So… are we all ready to go then?” asked Esmeralda.
“Yup, I just want to get Mr. Green Shuttle and Mrs Pink Shuttle, Ms. Floozy and Puff situated here. I want to take them out with us tonight. I have been telling them about Halloween.”
“Okie dokie”, then said Esmeralda.
Celtic them picked all her friends up from the table. She opened Ms. Floozy’s costume at the top just a bit and carefully placed Mr. Green Shuttle and Mrs. Pink Shuttle into the opening. She also picked up Puff the tatting bag and carried him in her other hand as a little purse and turned, “There I think I am ready now.”
The three of them then went outside. It was already dark outside. The street lights were lite up and in the streets they were not alone. Giggling and laughter could be heard here and there. The other trick and treaters were out running from that house to another house…showing each other what they had just gotten from this house and that house.
The houses were all decked out too. There were lighted up Jack-O-Lanterns at almost every house. There were scare crows standing in the yards….and there were white sheets hanging in the trees with balloons inside for the heads waving in the breeze.
The three of them went to this house and that house ringing the door bells as they went along. While Josette was collecting her candy stash…Celtic and Esmeralda got caught up in all the going ons in Lacingland. It was a fun night to be sure.
The bewitching hour was getting rather late though and it was time to head for home. So back to Celtic’s house they went. Celtic could see her carved Jack-O-Lantern on her deck and the light was still shining out from the pumpkin’s face. She would let it keep smiling till the tea light candle burned out. It was safe outside to do so. Josette was all excited about all the candy she managed to get….and couldn’t wait to dump it all out on the living room rug and have Esmeralda go through it to make sure it was all safe for consumption.
Celtic left them and went to find the “Wizard of Oz” movie. After finding the movie she put it in the DVD player and said, “The movie is about to begin.”
Everybody then sat on the couch with their legs tucked under them and looked at the TV. Celtic had put her lacing friends on the coffee table and they were chit chatting among themselves about all that they had witnessed during the evening. The movie was going….and there was Mrs. Gouch being the witch she was and threatening poor Dorothy about taking her dog Toto.
The next thing they all knew was they were hearing errie sounds coming from the kitchen which was getting louder and louder.
Celtic got up and went into the kitchen to find out what was going on. And what did she find…well…she found all kinds of people dressed in costumes eating her donuts and drinking her apple cider that she was going to serve to her guests later on.
Celtic looked at them all…wondering who all of these people were….there was Dracula, a Darth Vader, a devil with a pitch fork and all. There was leprechaun, a Cinderella, a witch, a Greek Goddess and Celtic had no idea who all these people were that just dropped into her house from no where. “Okay all of you….who are you?” Celtic asked the uninvited guests.
A voice spoke up…”It is me Celtic, Georgia”,one person replied.
Another voice spoke up…”it is me Celtic, Martha,” another spoke up.
And then there was another voice…”It is me Erin, Celtic…sure had you fooled didn’t I?” she laughed.
Then Celtic heard…it is me Joy, Teresa, Riet, Sue, Jane, Ginny, Joanne, Sheridan,Shirley….and the list got longer…with more names.
“Oh my goodness everybody…what a huge big surprise you all are,” Said Celtic in a very excited voice.
“We all heard that you had donuts and cider and you were puting on “The Wizard of Oz” movie to watch, so we all decided we would crash your house and join you. We really didn’t think you mind,” said Mark with a smirky grin on his face.
“{Mind, MIND…are you all kidding me?….come…come….into the living room. I can dream up some more donuts and cider….and we have chocolate a plenty around here to add at least ten pounds to each of you before you leave tonight,” Celtic laughed and being really happy.
So Celtic had a fright night in her living room. Everybody was dressed in costume…and sitting on every piece of furniture and some lounging on the big stuffed pillows in front of the TV. All watching “The Wizard of Oz” and having a good time of it too, eating, laughing and having fun as you could hear the witch from the movie saying…”fly…fly” out her big window as the monkeys were flying across the screen.

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erin said...

How Sweet! I dooooo wish I was there munching on those donuts! And what fun company to have, too!

Happy Halloween, Sherry B.!

Love you!