Sunday, October 23, 2005

I thought I would share this picture with all of you again that I did long time ago. Kinda funky looking huh?? I remember when I did this picture. It was right around the same time I learned how to do the "Dead Spider" way of doing a split ring.....I use to make one side of my ring. Take the ring off my hand and flip it around and then do the other side. Between the two techniques....if you do the "Dead Spider" have one side of the ring that is just a bit smaller than your other side. This smaller side is the second half of the split ring. But if you do the split ring the old way I use to make them...both sides look uniformed.

Speaking of "Spiders" is a Honiton Bobbinlace Spider that I just finished and took finally off my honiton pillow. He has been on there all year. I kinda got sick of doing the spider web which is all "ten stick". The spider itself didn't take me long to make. He was rather simple to make. I also added beads for eyes to my spider and I made him in black thread. You will note that the web has a bit of metallic thread working. The way I made this web and spider is not the traditional way of making Honiton Lace. I just decided to make the web and spider my own way. Since he is mine...I guess that is okay. The pattern for the spider came from "New Designs in Honiton Lace" by Pat Perrymean and Cynthia Voysey page 21.

Here are some tattings I have done. The first one is the X-mas Camel pattern designed by Dolly Hollander. I did one in the X-mas colors and one in non X-mas colors.

This rocking horse pattern is from Katie Critters I think the book is called. I didn't know what colors I should make it in I made it in pinks and blues varigates.

I see the pinks kinda look like orangish peach...but believe me....they are pinks.

This rocking horse design belongs toBecky Dempsey. As you can see I made two of them. One in tatting size thread and the other in completely metallic sewing thread. Kinda cute huh??

Then for fun I did some shuttles of my Buddy Ol' Pal

Scooby Doo. These are kinda my Halloween pair. No the Scoobies are not hand painted....I cheated and used stickers. But I did make a pair of the Scoobies....and had fun making them I am having fun using them.....

I know it has been awhile since I posted to my blog here...but hopefully I have made up for my showing you something different to look at and read....I hope you are enjoying this blog. Hope to hear from some of you....


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Anonymous said...

I love your shuttles! They are so cute!