Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Hi in Lacingland,
This morning we went on a wild goose chase to Geneva, N.Y. to see what we can do about getting some medical insurance. I guess I messed up on the date for our appointment. I guess it is next Tuesday...darn it ..... My husband is still on strike. I so much wish it would end. Everything is so messed up right now...the budget, getting our persrciptions without insurance ( and that is costly), my normal routine. I can't seem to get much done around here.
I have been working on designing another dragon. I worked on it a bit last night, working on the head of it. I am naming my dragon Sherbet. How is that for a wierd name?
The only good thing today is...I belong to a list that is for my favorite author. I have been counting down the days till...this one...her new book is out. Believe it or not...Canandaigua where I live is a city. But you wouldn't know it at times...we don't have a regular book store or music store here. So if you want the recent books or music you have to drive to Victor to the mall. So....I have asked my husband to please pick the book up for me. I know I shouldn't really have the book with things being so tight...but I have been waiting for today for quite some time. So instead of wasting gas to drive to the mall to get the book myself....I asked my husband to please pick it up for me either on his way to picket today or on his way home. So by tonight I should have the book since I called the bookstore this morning and they tell me they do have the book. The lady on the phone even knew what book I was interested in when I said..." My favorite author's new book is suppose to be out today." And she replied back to me, "You mean Diana Gabaldon?" And I said yes....and she told me they had the book.
Diana's book are always really thick...like between 800 to close to a 1000 pages long....so once I get the book tonight....I will be in a dilema...reading or working on my dragon. At the moment I am reading Patricia Cornwell's book "From Potter's Field". I am trying to finish it. Unlike tatting which I have this project going and that project going...I only like to read one book at a time...and I know I am not going to want to wait till I am finished with "From Potter's Field to be finished so I am reading feverishly right now. Is anybody else familar with Diana Gabaldon besides me who might be reading this post?
I might be quite for awhile ......don't worry...my brain cells will be firing......

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