Thursday, September 08, 2005

My husband is still on things have not changed here. I will continue to put some shuttles on ebay to sell that I have painted.
I think for this post I will let you see some of the bobbinlace that I have done in the past. At the moment I have a Honiton spider and web going, a bucks point edge going, a bedfordshire edge going and a torchon edge going. I really need to get my spider and web is really redicuous how long that project has been on my pillow. I have this really cool Viking Ship pattern that is also Honiton lace that I want to get started on.
I happen to like things with Vikings...back in my knitting days I had this pattern and still have of a black and white Viking Ship sweater pattern. I would still like to do that someday.
I hope you enjoy the pictures.
I had fun making the angels which...I love angels btw. I made the car as a Christmas gift for a friend.

Next time I post I will share a picture of a bobbinlace Santa Claus that I made.


Anonymous said...

Hi Sherry, Your bobbin lace is beautiful! I love the angels they are so pretty and the car is fabulous!

You are so talented and artistic. The painted shuttles are very nice too.

Carol Lawecki

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