Tuesday, September 20, 2005

The strike is still going. I wish it would end. Have been on the phone so much trying to get help for medical insurance, working with the mortgage company...and just a whole bunch of stuff. Sending this...faxing that...stuff. Sighing......
Anyhow to get on a more fun mood I thought I would share some of the tatting I have done of Jane Eborall's patterns I have tatted.
I have also been working on designing another dragon pattern. I have a few ideas swimming in my head for tatted dragons. I am trying very ....very hard not to make these dragon designs hard to diagram out and make. I have a tendency to make things that are too difficult for me to diagram out...you know like my "Kelly" the Celtic Dragon. I could never diagram that out in a million years. Actually most of my stuff I have designed have no patterns. I just do them. First I draw my idea or design out...and then I do whatever I have to to make the design come out the way it is on either paper or in my head. But I am not good at doing diagram and stuff on my computer even though I have the art programs to do the diagraming. But I am going to really try really hard to get these dragons diagramed out once I have the tatted designs finished.
On Sunday I went to my lace guild meeting. I am the prez of the Fingerlakes Lace Guild here in New York. On Columbus Weekend we will be having our annual Lace Day Event. This year we will be celebrating 25 years of the lace guild. We are planning on having silver and blue star balloons on our tables and each one of us at the banquet will get to take home a champange glass that has on it Ithaca Lace Guild 25 years and the date I believe in silver. I could be wrong with what the exact wording is on the glass...but that is a cool idea I think.
At the meeting we all sat around spangling our commemorative bobbins that we are selling durring the event. I have done the bobbins for the past two years for the guild and even though I need the money right now...I am kinda glad I don't have that responsiblities to paint over a 100 bobbins and get them all spangeld. That is a whole lot of work.
I have been reading books by Patricia Cornwell lately. I think I am book number 4 right now. But what I am really waiting for is for my favorite author to come out with her new book which is suppose to be at the end of this month. Her name is Diana Gabaldon. She has written "Outlander", "Dragonfly in Amber", "Voyager", "Drums of Autumn","The Fiery Cross". Her new book is suppose to be "A Breath of Snow and Ashes" which is suppose to be out on September 27th, 2005. All of Diana's books are sequeled to each other ...and they are all 900 pages long, which means it takes me a bit to get through one of her books. It has been said that this one will be the last one for this series. It is really too bad for I have gotten use to reading on Claire and Jamie's adventures.
In the first book there is a battle that took place on April 16th,1746. The battle was at Culloden Field in Scotland. It was kinda funny but when I was in Scotland I went to Culloden Field...and looked around the moor and read up some on the real history of the battle that took place there. I believe it was the last battle between the English and the Scots but...I may be wrong. Not too sure. But it was really cool I remembered for I had by that time read about the battle in Diana's first book which was "Outlander". So I am waiting for the next installment to come out.
I do enjoy reading as well as doing alot of other things...especially books about history, which I have to admit Patricia Cornwell's books are not about history but about murder, and forensic stuff which I find interesting. I do like the show on TV called CSI so I guess that is why I have been enjoying Patricia's books.
This has gotten a wee bit long hasn't it.....? I guess I better say good nite .....till the next time I get the keyboard in front of me and my fingers are flying over the keys again......keep tatting, remember someone loves you....and that you are special.....

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What cuties! Show more! We want more eyecandy!