Sunday, October 30, 2011

Hi everybody here is one of my favorite days of the year and tomorrow will be my oldest daughter Chrystal's birthday. ...So many years ago this evening ,I was handing out the Halloween treats while I was in labor. Being I gave birth to my daughter just after midnight is one of reason I have always thought this was the best time of the year. I bet Chrystal always thought so when she was young. Halloween candy...candy...candy...the night before her birthday and cake and ice cream and lets not forget the presents on her birthday after a gluntiny of Halloween SUGAR RUSH...LOL

Now the other part of this story is I had to hurry and get out of the hospital for I wanted to be home for my oldest son's first birthday which is on Nov.5th. Yes, Shawn and Chrystal are less than a year apart and over the years when they were young we celebrated their birthdays together though I usually tried to have both of them have their very own Birthday Cakes. More

As I have mentioned to you before one of my favorite cross stitch designers died earlier this year in a horrific accident. After Lisa Roswell's death some of us stitcher in her honor and memory started stitching one of her designs. I just finished mine tonight. The design is called "Witches Nine". I love the verse of this design and it goes as follows.

In the town live witches nine:

Three in worsted, three in rags,

And three in velvet fine".

I do wonder where she got this verse or if she made it up. The only thing I have left to do to this stitching is to put my name on it and the year I stitched it.
Lastly I am going to share just a few Halloween pictures of my Chicklets. These were taken at a fun Trick or Treat event at Wegmans here in Canandaigua, New York.

Here is a picture of some pumpkins that the employees of Wegmans carved. There were more than these...but look at the talent here...Hope you all have a happy HALLOWEENIE;)
One last note....I HATE BLOGGER. My text and my pictures never seem to line up right..making me look dumb.

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Frances said...

It looks like you didn't need to ponder so much on 1st birthday party ideas since the celebration is always near Halloween!