Thursday, October 27, 2011

Halloween is coming...and I just wanted to share. I did an exchange with my friend from Baton Rouge, New Orleans. We have been doing this at Halloween time. It is actually a stitch exchange. This is what I sent to her.

It is from Prairie Schooler "October" I was thinking of Harry Potter and decided to make the Owls for Sale sign and then I tatted an Owl The owl pattern is from Diane Stevens Animal Bookmark books. The first time I have ever done this owl and I actually like it alot. I think I may do another one. I also noticed when hanging on to the owl from the hanger...the face kinda folds forward making it look like a 3D owl. After I sent off my exchange I did another stitch of the Owls For Sale...but I haven't gotten around to tatting the owl yet to go with it...I might have the owl stand on its own merit. We shall see.

I also got a nice exchange from Ann my exchange partner. You can see what so so nicely sent to me on her blog here.

I love the Quaker Pattern she sent to me. There are alot of Halloween themes stitches in the just have to look for them. She also sent me some hand coffee dyed material. I am planning on using the linen to do the Quaker design on it. Lastly but really cute...( and Ann it is on my {one now} fake Christmas Tree). It is a Bat. Actually after I saw this I thought of Batter...and now thinking I should do one for her. Thank you Ann for the great exchange

Eventually I will get in the swing of things in posting on my blog. IT is just when I do have computer time...I usually am reading my mail and everybody elses blogs.


Corina said...

Great owls! I just love owls, and yours are very good, the tatted one... great!

Kathy Niklewicz said...

You are an amazing and prolific tatter, not to mention the other crafts you do. This is a wonderful owl and clever combination of cross-stitch and tatting.

I also recently discovered some Christmas ball ornaments that you made back in 2007, apparently combining tatting and Teneriffe lace! I saw one ornament on Icela's blog (where she, of course, gave you credit) and I was in awe! I then found several more on your blog! They are OUTSTANDING, and it seems you gave them all away, which is very generous but sad! Have you made anymore since then? I just wanted you to know how much I admire them!

I also congratulate you on your many years of blogging! It'a an impressive documentation of your work!

LindaMc said...

LOVE your Owls for Sale combining cross stitch and tatting. Your creativity and needlework talent absolutely amaze me!