Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Hi everybody.

Been really busy as usual around here. Halloween is coming ...one of my favorite times of the year. Now tell me...who that is reading this blog doesn't know that.

Anywhoo...whoo...said the owl...with Halloween coming it bring to my mind my favorite cross stitch designer who lost her life this past Spring when her car went off the road and ended up in deep water where my favorite designer died. That is Lisa Roswell. Halloween I think was her favorite times of the year. Alot of her designs were for Halloween with the Primitive feel to Lisa's designs. I use to write to Lisa and I am missing the fact that we are not emailing about Halloween this year and being excited to give her new ideas for designs that she also that would make a cool design.

Today I took out my Witches Hallow design of Lisa's that I stitched. It was a big design and I know there is a picture of it finished on this blog somewhere. I never did get it framed so I hung it on a clothes hanger with clothes pins. It is hanging off my arch entryway that goes from my livingroom to my dinningroom. She is hanging in an honor spot in my house where it can be seen by anybody that comes to my house.

I just wanted to say with Halloween coming...I am thinking of Lisa and her family. I know I will never think of Halloween again without thinking of the loss of Lisa Roswell. I just thought I would share my thoughts with you.

Soon I will share something else with you that I have been working on. And NO it isn't the eighth wonder made in size 160 thread...I will leave those to Mark Myers...but something just the same.I will also be putting pictures I took at Palmetto's Tat Days and also picture I took at "Ithaca's Lace Days" that I just went to.

Until I write again...keep those hands happy.
I also have one picture to share...I did find one "Golden Ticket". Here is the picture of my Golden Ticket.Finding "Made In the USA" is like finding the "Golden Ticket" in Willy Wonker and the Chocolate Factory. I have found one ticket though ...how about you...are you finding anything that says "made in the USA"...keep looking...

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