Sunday, November 06, 2011

Okay is better late than never...I am going to share some of my very own Palmetto pictures with y'all...but first is this picture of a pretty variegated purple snowflake that went along with the purple tree that I donated to the silent auction. I believe Pam Freck won the tree along with this very pretty snowflake. Can any of the designers out there recognize this flake as your pattern...if not does anybody know who the pattern belongs to...please let me know...I HAVE GOT TO HAVE THAT pattern. It is so pretty. So here is that picture.

For those that were at Palmetto the year that Erin (mostly Erin) and I made up a family of sock monkeys and gave them to Riet at the banquet dinner. WeeeeLLLL This year in my Halloween "Just Cross Stitch" issue was this sock monkey...and I saw it and Riet automatically popped into my head...I have got to do that cross stitch and give it to Riet...well I made the cross stitch pirate sock monkey and gave it to Riet at the banquet. I worked on it right up until I gave it to her almost. Riet also had the cutest Sock monkey earrings on that she showed me when I was giving here the cross stitch. So here is the stitch and here I am giving it to Riet.
Riet, if you are still reading this...I still need to tat you a bird for the "Polly , want a cracker".

Now of coarse when I go to Knoxville,Tenn. I get to visit with my best friend Erin Holloway. We always have such a good time together. We usually go to Macoroni Grill for dinner and we went this year too...Here we are already starting the fun...( this is what vacation is all about...FUN). We also always to go Lily's Beadbox can never have too many beads you know.

And since I got there before Palmetto event I got to see the runner and so on that Erin was working on . She was a stitching mad woman trying to get the gizzillion flakes sewed onto the beautiful silk material. I believe the piece here that Erin is working on Raymond won for her at the auction...Can you imagine a man ...huh?? But doesn't Erin look like a stitching Diva in this picture??

Of coarse going to Georgia or South Carolina is always a most scenic trip. Here is a picture of the Smokey Mountains...Can you see where the name Smokey Mountains came from and I don't think it was from smoking too many Camel cigarettes. LOL

So how about some people pictures now... How many people can you name in these pictures. I see Arleen, Sharon Golden, Martha Ess, Erin of coarse, Kathy Berndt, Lenora F.,Donna, AK ( Georgia)Sharen Morgan, Nancy Clemmons and her husband, Connie Angeline, Leslie Deveaux-Christian

Here is a couple pictures of my roommate Sephanie Wilson wearing her cool tatted hat. Love the hat...she had the same problem I had with my purple hat...the humidity of the Southern States...wilts the hats.

And now for a couple flakes in closing that were on the quilt.

I hate blogging...I won't tell you how long it took me to do this...if it looks is not my fault.


Karen said...

Don't worry about it not going together the way you want it. I still get to enjoy something I didn't get to attend through your post. Thank you for sharing. Karen in Or.

Carol Schockling Lawecki said...

I too enjoyed your post and pictures. Wish I could have attended the event.

Sally said...

I did so enjoy being with all of you at Tat Days! The learning and the fellowship were wonderful. There was so much to share with my own tatting group!.

These must be the first photos I have seen other than my own. Best wishes to all for a very Happy Thanksgiving!

Trayna said...

Hi Sherry
Having test tatted that stunning pattern - I can tell you it is by Miranda (tattingfool). She talks about it here (and other blog posts too). I don't know if she has made the pattern readily available but she is so nice I'm sure she'd email it to you if not. Look forward to seeing your version.

Barbara Gordon said...
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Barbara Gordon said...

The last two tatted pieces on this page are absolutely beautiful...!! Great job especially with the hairpin lace included. I hope I'm right on that...gorgeous!

Unknown said...

I love your tatted hat. Where can I get the pattern?