Sunday, August 02, 2009

Here is another of Ruth Perry's Celtic Snowflake. This time I did it in one of the new colorways that Handy Hands will be having out soon. It isn't available yet. This one is called Western Sunset. But to me it reminds me more of fireworks. I love this colorway. It is so pretty done up. It is one of my favorite new colorways that will be coming out. I will let you also know that the new size 10 and size 40 threads in Lizabeth thread is on the boat so it should be available soon. I can't wait for the size 40 thread myself. I think size 20 is good for snowflakes though. You don't want them to be too tiny unless you are putting them on a minature Christmas tree. I think size 20 is good for something that will be either worn or put out on a another words...if it is something that will require washing periodically...then you need size 20.
Sometimes I like to do doilies in really fine thread for my notebook or to put in a frame and hung ...not necessarily on my tables. The fine threads make you get the whole design in a much smaller size to just preserve the design.
I have been thinking of getting some size 10 thread ...been looking at Midnight oil I think it is from "Yarnplayer" to design something in macrame'. I have these crystal beads and I have been thinking about using them in a macrame' design. I use to do a ton of macrame' in the old days of lore'.
I have also been thinking of buying some linen thread from Yarnplayer too actually...for bobbinlace. I don't have the funds at this moment but I will sometime maybe.
Okay...I am rambling I will say...until I write again..."lacing is a foot."


Unknown said...

Your snowflake is very pretty! That is a lovely colorway from Lizbeth! When do they come out with their new colorways?

Oh, I love Yarnplayer's beautiful threads, too! I look forward to seeing whatever you end up doing with whatever you get from her! :)

erin said...

Purdeeeeee! I really like the new colorway, too! I'm waiting on the bench with TattingChic - waiting to see what happens with the macrame project!

Pretty eyecandy! Yum!