Wednesday, August 19, 2009

A couple more new colors that will be coming out soon. The patterns I used to show these new colors off are both from Jan Stawasz's book entitled "Tatting Therory and Patterns". The motif with the pink,yellow,melon and violet pink colors is from his doily design on pages 80 and 81. Can you all see a doily done in this all looks so yummy. I also used a solid violet pink with the varigated thread. The color is called Sherbet Delight color number 108.

The other motif is also from Jan's book. This was a snowflake pattern and it was on pages 83 and 83. The color name for this varigated thread is March Breeze and the color number will be 128.

These new colorways will be getting here soon. I will try to tat something more so you all can see the new colors.

I have just also started a new motif also from Jan's book that is varigated pink and green. I really love that combination. Sooooo stay tuned to see more of the new colors. I can envision...doily after doily after doily after doily made with these new threads.

I should also say...I love some of the older colorways in Lizbeth thread too. OOOhhh which colorway should I tat after the pink and green one.....I wonder.

Here is the url for Jan Stawasz web site where you can see more of his beautiful designs. I really do love his book. There is so much I want to make from that book...give me more years....give me more years....


Tattycat said...

Very, very pretty!

Unknown said...

Lucky you, getting to try out the new Lizbeth colors before they even come out!
The patterns you chose to tat are really pretty! :)

Krystle said...

I'm so excited for the new colors! I need to place an order soon anyway, but it's hard to wait lol!

Stephanie said...

Ooh, I like! The motifs and the thread. It's about time for a HandyHands shopping spree. Hope the new colors are out soon -- like yesterday. I'm over the moon with there being size 40 now, too.