Friday, August 21, 2009

Take a look at this beautiful colorway. Isn't it just stunning. The colorway name is Purple Splendor and the number is 129. I made this heart today and it will be winging away to a friend. This is another of the new colorways of Lizbeth Thread that will be soon available to buy. You can buy all the Lizbeth thread here
This pattern is called "The Fringe Element Heart" designed by Jane Eborall. You can find the pattern for this neat heart here
If you really look at this heart I think it would be great tatted up as a focal element for a necklace. The chain for the necklace can be lark headed through the two upper parts of the heart. I bet it would make one pretty necklace.


erin said...

Okay, Sherry.....I'm drooling now. Yesterday's motifs were gorgeous, but this is good enough to eat as well.


battatter said...

Very pretty colors!! I like the heart pattern too!!

Unknown said...

Purple splendor is indeed splendorous! That is a nice heart pattern. Pamela (Tatskool) sent me one in that pattern earlier this year!

Bonnie said...

Oh oh I like it, I like it!!!