Thursday, July 30, 2009

First of all I am showing a tatted snowflake. This is the Celtic Snowflake designed by Ruth Perry. It came about while making a tatted snowflake for an exchange on the Tattinggoddess Tatting List. This is one of the snowflakes I have made. I just can't show everything you know. I am even in the process of making another one in a thread sample of some new colorways that Handy Hands will be coming out with soon. Handy Hands will also be carring size 40 in all the different colors including some newer ones. That should happen sometime before the Summer is over. This snowflake was made with size 20 Lizbeth thread in color number 144 & 147 with gold beads. I think the snowflake turned out "Purdy."
The other bit of news has been unsetting to me. My daughter Chrystal ( who is my oldest daughter) found out last week she is a diabetic. She has been complaining for awhile of not feeling good, being tired and so on. She had some blood work done a couple of months ago that was showing then she had a problem but she didn't want to follow up with the other test that she needed. Last week she did...her blood sugars was over 400. That glucose reading is very very high. She has to have insulin and monitor her blood sugars now to try and get the sugar under control. I don't know what all the results of her blood work were but I have a feeling she had liver blood work done too and they must have also been off. She had to have a Ultrasound on her liver which showed she does have a fatty liver which they feel is the results of having such high uncontroled glucose level in the blood. When there is alot of sugar in the blood insulin comes in and takes the glucose out of the blood and sends it packing to the liver to be stored as glycogen for future use if needed. If it isn't needed and it keeps accommulating in the liver the glycogen eventually becomes fat. Tomorrow Chrystal has to see the dietitian again and she also has to have a Cat Scan of her liver or pancreas. Chrystal wasn't sure for they saw something on the ultrasound and want to have a better look at it to determine what they were looking at.

Like I said this is upsetting to me. I have always been scared of getting diabetes myself since it is on both sides of my family, but so far I haven't gotten it. Usually when the scale starts to move up I start dieting like I am doing right now. ( I got weight gain right now the doctor feels was from the antidepression medication I was on but am not taking now) and it is a really battle for me this time because it is so much weight and it came so fast. My doctor says I should loose it again since I am no longer taking the antidepression medication...well that may be...but it isn't going fast enough to suit me so I am dieting like crazy to get the weight back off. Anyhow...I feel I might have passed the diabetes on to her. Diabetes is hiereditary so I don't know. So I will be thinking of her tomorrow and hope all is okay from the tests.

Sorry to dump this on my blog here...but I hate diabetes for I have seen what it does to people...I didn't want it...and I certainly don't want my children to end up with it.

Now I will show you something that is upbeat and happy ...Some of you may have heard that I won in a give away that Gina Brummet from the Tatting Goddess blog. I won this beautiful lady which I have named Anastaisa. She is really pretty with her purple dress and with the purple tatted trim on that dress. I love the way her hair is ontop of her head and I love the cute paint job that Gina did on her face.

Well I have to tell you my elf friend from Ireland Fergus Og saw her his eyebrows twitch up down as he was eye balling the beauty and the next thing you know...he whisked her right off her dainty knotted hemped feet and started dancing to some of my old records with her. Yes, someday those records will be antiques. should have seen then twilling and dipping and dancing away...I think I might have even seen some hip gyro going on...LOL.


battatter said...

Pretty snowflake!! I like the beads. And Fergus Og and Anastaisa look FABULOUS together. What a cute couple!
I hope Chrystal's test turn out ok and she gets to feeling better.

Unknown said...

Your snowflake is pretty. Congrats on winning Gina's giveaway!
Sorry to hear about your daughter. I hope she will be able to manage her diabetes well.

Gina said...

Ha! That's cute, the dollies dancing together.

Hope your daughter gets all under control. Look for the best!

erin said...

The snowflake is gorgeous! and I love the dollies dancing together.

I am keeping you and Chrystal in my thoughts and prayers, and hope this is soon resolved. Give me a holler!


Fox said...

The beaded snowflake is very pretty.

Hope all turns out well for your daughter.

Tatskool said...

The colours you choose for your snowflakes are gorgeous. Fergus Og and herself look so good together...wonder what the outcome will be!!

Hope Chrystal gets the diabetes under control.