Sunday, July 19, 2009

I have uploaded a bunch of pictures of this piece of beaded lace that my husband found today while out and about with his use to be work buddies ( my husband no longer has a job...) at a junk sale. On of the pictures I took with an ruler so you can scale the size of the lace.This Beaded lace is sewen onto net. I am wondering if it might have been on the front of a dress...maybe a wedding dress. The beads I have a feeling were all silver lined glass for I think the inside of the beads are looking a bit tarnished. The design is so pretty and I am wondering how they went about doing this. This Beadwork looks pretty old looking. And the last person who had it sewed it onto velvet looking material. What do you all think about it? Please leave me your response here or on the arachne list. I thank you in advance for coming to my blog to look at this piece of what I am calling "Beaded Art."


Unknown said...

That is gorgeous and it is so sweet that your hubby got it for you while he was out with his friends! :)

battatter said...

wow, that is sooo pretty! I can see a little purse made from it..
By the way... very nice husband!

erin said...

Hi, Sherry!

That's stunning! I checked out the largest picture up close and personal, and my assessment is beaded tambour, but one can't know for sure without seeing the back, and I see it's all tacked down. That is one stunning piece!


Tatman said...

COOL FIND!!! That would look great on the top part of a dress or even on the side of a purse to dress it up. Maybe a denim bag. How big is the motif?
Erin, that is a good guess with the tambour. ;)

dani, the geek said...

hmmm... it makes me think flapper head piece... maybe?