Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Hi, I am not going to write about lace today. Instead I will write about what I did this afternoon.
I spent the afternoon in front of my computer watching the streamline memorial for Michael Jackson from CNN and Facebook.
I would like to say that the flower I hate the most is Galds. They remind me of unhappy times ...mainly when a love one had passed away. They make me sad. I am also the type of person that cries at funerals. I think I would do that even if I didn't know the person....so....
This afternoon I sat here in front of my computer balling my eyes out and using the hanky tissues that my friend Erin Halloway gave me. The hankies are cute with hat boxes piled one on top of another with this puff balled high heel shoe ontop. The puff ball is pink...so like Erin huh??
Anyhow...I was sadden greatly.
I decided to watch it for when I was a teen ager this is when the Jackson 5 were putting out music and hitting the charts. I can even remember where I was when I heard some of their songs. I have some of the old 45s and albums still. They and especially MIchael have been a part of my life ever since I went from watching TV person to I love music person. That means I am a music lover. I have always admired Michael's dancing and I also love MIchael Flatley's dancing. MIchael Flatley's dancing is noted from the show "Riverdance", "Feet of Flames" and "Lord of the Dance". Both dancers have some pretty fancy footwork.
I will always remember the first time I saw Michael Jackson's MOON WALK dance steps. I was amazed and I remember trying to figure out how he did that. I never could figure that out...but I can do Irish dancing.
Yes, I dance in my house...and yes....I did alot more dancing years ago and I use to do it in my kitchen in the morning and at night after getting home from work at midnight or thereabouts. Dancing was my exercising and yes...I lost weight doing that. As a matter of fact I have gained some weight and my doctor tells me it is from my antidepression medication I was taking . I don't take it anymore and now I have this weight to get off. So my son who remembers me doing this all the time...keeps telling me I should start doing that again. Maybe I will...right now I have been doing alot of walking and playing basket ball in the driveway. And have removed the pleasure of my life and that is enjoying food. Ice cream is my downfall.
Anythow...I did alot of crying this afternoon. I lost it when they were showing pictures of the different MIchaels over the years, I lost it when I was hearing his his voice the different espects of his feelings, and I really lost it when his daughter Paris said how much she loved her Daddy and how good he was.
Anyhow...I just wanted to share my thoughts. I have been a fan of Michaels over the years. I loved his music and I loved his dancing. He was a true gift of artistry. I really feel he did alot to make the different races come closer together. He crossed alot of boundaries.
Maybe tomorrow I will share lace or knitting or something. That will be only IF I find my computer first...LOL


Unknown said...

I teared up, too, as I watched the memorial on TV. I will remember Michael the Artist and be glad for the joy he brought in my life with his brilliant entertaining! He was a supernova of talent!

H J Hess said...

You were not alone. I was right there with you, crying and remembering this very complex and very complicated man who donated and raised so much money towards the common good and who brought so much musical joy to me and to others through the past four decades. It was beautiful to hear so many tributes to Michael from people who knew him well. Ultimately, the greatest tribute was given by his daughter, Paris-Michael Katherine, when she stated that Michael Jackson was 'the best father you can ever imagine'. Out of the mouths of babes.