Friday, April 07, 2006

My how time has already been a week since my fun began. A week ago today I was a butterfly at this time. I sat and read my grusome book by Patricia Cornwell and then I would put the book down and go and do something...then I sat back a couple more paragraphs and then I was back up again. I was nervous and excited at the same can you be nervous and excited at the same time...well...the butterflies in my stomach thought so.
The excitement was...I knew Mark Myers and Erin Hollaway was coming to stay with me for the weekend. I was also excited for the Hector Tatting event was on the immediate horizon...the nervousness...driving to the airport to get my two guests. I hate driving in Rochester which is a big city. It intimadates me...and I was nervous for I knew I was teaching this year in Hector.
But eventually the time came to get in my daughter's car...which also made me nervous for I borrowed her car for the weekend since my son had responsiblities and needed my car. to the airport I went early...I wanted to make sure I had plenty of time incase I missed an exit or I just couldn't sit here and figet anymore.
Got to the airport fine...and tried to read that same grusome book. Patricia Cornwell books remind me alot of CSI and I really like that show...anyhow...I couldn't really concentrate I was so excited. The first guest that was suppose to fly in was Mark...but his flight came in and there was NO Mark....hmmm...He has done it to me again...same thing happened to me last time he came....not on the flight he was suppose to be on. But in all wasn't Mark's fault....It is O'Hara Airport's fault and the weather in the windy city. Anyhow....I didn't have time to keep wondering where Mark was for I had to get to the otherside of the airport to get my other guest which was Erin...God LOVE her soul...for she was where she was suppose to be. I think my first words to Erin was....I don't know where Mark is...he didn't get off his flight....and anxiety was by now already set in...Where is the man....
Anyhow...I had my husband cell phone with me....did I think to turn the phone here I was...with a phone that I had no clue how to really use since it is my husband's phone I never use it...except for maybe three times the whole time he has had the phone. Erin helped me in figuring out how to get the voice messages since there were two on the phone...but guess what...I didn't have the password to retrieve the and I went out to my car to take care of her luggage and I called Kim. Come to find out because of the bad weather in Chicago...the planes were delayed and Mark would be coming in on a later plane. Mark was suppose to be at the airport just after 4pm...but when I asked what flight he was to be on from the United desk I was informed he would be coming in after 7pm. So Erin and I had some time to kill. We sat and had coffee. It was so great to see Erin. I love that girl. She is so funny!!
Anyhow....Mark did come in...I think his first words were something like..."It wasn't my fault".
So finally we got in the car and drove to my house and the party began. My husband I shipped off to Canada with my son to the gambling cacino. So the house was in party mode. I had a good time. Mark was winding bobbins to start the hummingbird Milanese lace and Erin was trying to figure out a braid in her heart Milanese. I was also winding bobbins...which I should have had already wound....could have done that instead of figeting in the morning.
We were up late into the night...who needs sleep when you are having fun I ask you.
But it was a party all weekend until husband surprised me by coming home early...and I was coming down with a wicked cold that I caught from my son Ryan...I am still sick with that cold and makes me feel like doing nothing.
It was great to see the other tatters in Hector. I taught my class which I know was alot of information for people to take in...and I didn't have any real good diagrams...hey....we all can't be Mark.....The Rock Star...which is a name that Erin and I started calling him. LOL!
There was plenty of food...and the stuff to buy....I was a pretty good girl and didn't go overboard with the buying. I really don't need alot of stuff.
But one thing I have to tell you about was the "Mark the Moose" which is a stuffed moose on ice skates that sings...I am Mark the Moose I have come to bring Christmas cheer...I don't know all the words right now. My daughter Michelle gave it to me for Christmas one year....but instead of just sharing the fun stuff toy...I decided to share it with the other tatters in he was smuggled out of the house and went to Hector with us on Sunday....He was played for the benefit of the other tatters....I just thought he had to be shared.
I also made an announcement on Sunday. The spring issue of the IOLI Bullentin which is a lace bullentin futured my Celtic Fan on the cover. I just happened to have a cover copy that Debra Jenny was so nice to send to me since I probably wouldn't have the bullentin in the mail in time for the event. Funny but my Bullentin was in my mailbox on Monday. So I am happy that I have now put tatting twice on the Lace Bulletin. The first tatting that I put on the cover of the Bulletin was Kelly my Celtic Dragon.
I am now going to end this post and start another one to share some pictures with you all.

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