Saturday, April 08, 2006

During the Hector weekend event....Mark, Erin and I were a tatting but when we got to my was time to get the bobbins and pillows out for bobbinlace. We decided to make a hummingbird in Milanese Lace from a DVD that I had gotten and was finding it hard to find the time to make the bird...though...I love Milanese and the way it looks with all those scrolls, and flowing braids, besides that...I love hummingbirds...enjoy watching them at the feeders every year. But lo...and behold...I made a mistake right in the I took my bobbins off and decided I would start it over after my company left...and I did and finished it today. Here is a picture of it.

Now I will add more Hector pictures for all of you to look at....

I believe this is Tanya Welsh's display. Tatting friends just having plain fun!!!! :))

I hope you all enjoy looking that hats that people made for the hat contest. Till....keep tatting and keep smiling.....

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Tanya said...

Hi Sherry,
Why yes you are right the black box and the photo album were my display items for Hector. I had fun putting it together. I really liked the hats and I see that you did too. I love your Milase hummingbird, he is so cute!!Great work you did! The flower is Milase too? I like that too. Too bad I don't do bobbinlace anymore.. well were would the time go.
Take care,
Tanya Walsh