Friday, April 07, 2006

Now for some pictures. The first pictures I will share are the tatting bag that Mark made and was a sample for his hairpin lace class that he taught.

In the next pictures I will show you the thistle flower that I made from Rita Cochrane's class and the flower from Mark's class. In the one picture I made the flower using King Tut's quilting thread. In the other picture of the flower in off white I used Gutterman's cotton thread. The Gutterman thread is a stiffer thread and though I followed Mark's looks different.

Now for some other pictures that I took at the event.

Ginny Weathers from Auburn,NY and Rita Some of the students I had in my dragon class.
Cochrane from Canada

Georgia Seitz
And what is Mr. Tatman doing in a tatting
event...bobbinlace....Shame on you Tatman.

Both sides of a tatting FANNY bag that Mark made and wore with suspenders out of a pair of jeans...Too FUNNY MARK!!!

This is it for today. On another day I will share more pictures of some of the hats were made and entered in a hat competition which I didn't time to work on a hat.

I hope you have enjoyed the pictures that I took and shared with you all. I had such a blast over the was like my last horrah....sorry to say.

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