Tuesday, November 15, 2011

I am making a wee bit of Christmas fairy lace in pink and white. Here are a couple sneek previews. I am not keeping this lace so ....that is why I am just giving peeks of it. Also here are a few of my painted continental bobbins. I painted these years ago for a Russian Lace Class that I took with Holly Van Sciver. I wanted my bobbins to go all together but look different at the same time so I came up with painting cartoons on them. I know the cartoons are copywrited but I painted these bobbins for my own use and are not for sale. I did give away my Bugs and Taz bobbin years ago so sometime I will have to paint another one. I also have more of these bobbins and my intent is to paint even more cartoons on them. The bobbins are fun to look at. I am always thinking of some character I haven't painted yet. So do you all remember these cart0on characters? Are there any you don't recognize? Do they bring back memories? I am showing the front and back of the bobbins. Some of the bobbins have more than one character painted on them...so now it is back to the lace. Oh and the hankies are thank yous to Erin Holloway who always graces me with Halloweenie hankies.

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Tatman said...

that was a really tiny sneak peek at the lace. Barely saw it with the power of the brightly colored bobbins and hankies. I have a few of these character bobbins and treasure them immensely!!! You do such beautiful work. THANKS!!!