Friday, December 23, 2011

So how do you like my Christmas card. I thought it turned out kinda cool looking. It is a camera shaking, taken at night, but I love the way the Christmas lights did its own kinda cool thing. It is my Christmas tree all lite up. So here is my Christmas card to you all that come and visit my blog.

Do you all remember the awful tease I did with my Christmas Lace in progress picture...where here is two more pictures. One is the tape lace finished and the other is the tatted filling I did before I took the lace off my pillow.

I got a really nice Christmas Card of a really nice bobbinlaced ornament on it from Daphne Martin of England. She belongs on the lace list Arachne. Here is a picture of the Christmas card I recieved from her.

Here is another picture I took of some of my laces together that I have made in the past.
I usually make my four children a Christmas Ornament so they will have something made by their mother.This year for my children I decided to make them a tatted beaded chandelier covering for a glass ornament. I made four of them. I used a pattern from Deb Arnold from Colorado. Her is her url for 9designs if you would like to get a kit or the pattern for the covering. used Lisbeth thread in size 20 in the colorway Christmas Delight. I am happy with the way they turned out.

This is it for now on this post unless I think of something else to write about.I am going to end it with another "Golden ticket" of something I found was made in theUSA. IT was our tree stand we bought for our tree...What about you...if you find something made in the USA...a Golden ticket" it on your blog and blog about it. We have got to have MADE IN THE USA everywhere again when shopping in a store. So I am ending with a scan of the label from my Golden Ticket.

If this blog is showing alot of gaping is blogger's fault and not mine.

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